Cat Flu


Cat Flu


Cat flu is a common occurrence among the feline family. Like in humans the flu is a sign of a weak immune system that is being compromised. If a cat has a healthy immune system, ailments such as the flu can easily be avoided.

Instead of focusing on how to treat a cat when he/she has the flu, it is best if a pet owner focuses on preventing the flu so that the virus never has a chance to take effect. Unfortunately, many pet owners are unaware that the food they may be feeding their cat could actually be the reason behind the cat’s weak immune system.

Commercial cat food is what most cats are fed. The problem with this food is that it is usually bad quality, low in good nutrients and can sometimes be toxic. This puts the immune system at risk. Other factors can affect a cat’s health as well, specifically the immune system, such as health care, breeding and overall life style. So how can you prevent cat flu and other illnesses? Here are some suggestions:

“Feed a diet as natural and as nutrient rich as is possible.

Use natural health care, especially homeopathy, rather than mainstream health care. Homeopathy works in accordance with the body’s best effort, supporting and removing genetic predispositions.

Don’t contribute to the unnatural breeding of pedigree cats. Rescue a moggy, who will probably be far more healthy and have greater intelligence.

Keeping safety in mind, make sure your cat has at least some access to the sun, a range of healthy, chemical free plants and the earth.

If you have to get veterinary medication for your cat, ensure only one medication is used at any one time. Don’t allow your vet to worm, sterilise, vaccinate and de-flea your cat all at the same time, as is so common. It overloads their immune system badly, and is often the cause of ailments such as cat flu.”

Cat flu can occur but it does not have to. A pet owner has the power to keep their cat as happy and healthy as possible. Following the suggestions above is a great start but always make sure to watch your cat to see how changes in diet, life style or care affect him/her. This way you will know what does and doesn’t work for your cat. Watch the video below to get some more tips on cat care.


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