Cat Hair Problems


Cat Hair Problems

Just like you need to look after your cat’s internal problems, you should also care for your cat’s hair and there are several cat hair problems that you want to be aware of so that you’ll know how to spot them. Cheyletiella dermatitis is a cat hair condition in which cats develop mites in their hair and  if this condition is not treated quickly, she will get dandruff and sometimes a loss of patches of hair. You can treat this condition by purchasing a special shampoo to get rid of the mites. Ringworm is a condition in which fungus gets on the cat’s skin and it could cause some of the cat’s hair to fall out.

 Ways to Minimize Hair Loss in Cats

 Hair loss is one of several cat hair problems and here is how you can treat the condition effectively. If the cat has fleas and she is scratching a lot, she could have allergies due to the fleas. Look over the cat’s skin and then you want to give him a bath while putting anti-flea shampoo on him. If you feed the cat the wrong foods, this could be why she is losing hair. Buy or prepare food that is high in fiber because cats need adequate amounts for healthy hair growth. Brewer’s yeast is also great for your cat’s hair.

Dandruff in Cats

 Another one of several cat hair problems is dandruff and one of the main reasons for dandruff in cats is dry skin. You can reduce your cat’s dandruff by purchasing and applying special lotions and sprays to the cat’s fur and hair so that they’ll be moisturized and that the dandruff will diseappear. Parasites such as fleas and mites also cause dandruff in cats and a regular bath would work best in treating it.

What if My Cat’s Hair is Matted?

 Sometimes the cat’s hair will be matted and here is how you can untangle her matted hair. The best way to get rid of the mats in your cat’s hair is by using a comb and you should remove the mats on dry hair because when you do it on wet hair, the cat will be irritated. If you are not able to untangle the mats with a comb, it is better to cut the matted hair with scissors.


 Your cat’s hair is essential for a great appearance and also for comfort because when your cat’s hair is healthy, she experiences less dandruff and parasites on her hair and skin. You want to bring the cat to the veterinarian so that you can have him examine the cat for cat hair problems and provide the best solutions for them. Also take preventative steps towards good cat hair health by giving your cat a well-balanced diet. Hydration is important in maintaining healthy cat hair so try to feed your cat as much water as possible during the week. Finally, research the latest remedies for good cat health as it relates to skin and hair.



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