Increasing Your Cat’s Metabolism


Increasing Your Cat’s Metabolism

 Cats generally have high rates of metabolism but there are times when your cat may experience low metabolism and this may be because of obesity as well as genetics and other factors. If your cat is obese and it is hurting his metabolism, here are ways that you can boost the cat’s metabolism. The first thing you should do is put the cat on a diet of only proteins and vegetables because these foods boost the cat’s metabolism and give him more energy than cat food that has grains in it. Feed the cat small portions so he will burn calories better. Let your cat outside during the day so he can exercise and play with him while he is inside.

 Sometimes Low Iron Supply is A Cause of Decreased Metabolism

 Another reason why your cat’s metabolism is low could be because of low iron levels in his body. This can be relieved by visiting the veterinarian to discuss possible treatments for this situation. Some good foods your cat can eat to increase his iron levels include fish, legumes, lean meats and leafy greens. When he eats these foods on a regular basis, you will see a change in his metabolism levels and he may possibly lose weight.

Sickness is Another Cause of Low Metabolism

 If your cat is generally full of energy but hasn’t had high metabolism over the past few weeks, it may mean that sickness is causing the cat’s metabolism rate to decrease. If you feel this may be the case, you should look out for other symptoms such as vomiting, fever and irritability. Your veterinarian may decide to prescribe a certain medication.

Ways to Learn About Boosting Your Cat’s Metabolism

 You can read a few pet health magazine articles on cat’s metabolism and look at solutions the writer mentioned that could give your cat more energy. Another idea is to attend local seminars about cat health and then you can ask the guest speaker questions about this topic. You can purchase books on boosting a cat’s metabolism and another idea is to talk with friends who dealt with the same issues concerning their cats because they may have suggestions that you never thought about.


 When cats’ metabolism and energy decreases at times, it is important that you do what is necessary to boost his energy levels so that he will be more active during the day. One way to do this is to increase his physical activity levels and you may also decide to give him supplements to boost his metabolism. When a cat is a healthy weight, he can run and jump more efficiently and he will also feel and even look better. Talk with the veterinarian about any new treatments that can help your cat and if those treatments have been proven to be safe. Continue to feed the cat the right foods daily and make sure he stays hydrated by having an abundant supply of water for him.

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  1. Dawn Eason says:

    I have an overweight cat and reading above it says to give him more fish and protien. Fish and beef give him diarrhea, sometimes vomiting and very weepy eyes. I tried a raw food diet, and he just gained more weight. What kind of greens can cats eat?

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