Cat Has Increased Urine But Seems Fine


An owner says that his cat has increased urine but seems fine. His cat, Squish, is twelve years old and is urinating more than normal. She normally drinks 2.5 cups of water a day and eats about a cup a day of cat food. Squish was being fed on Buffalo Blue cat food (I’m not quite sure what that is?) but once the increased urination was noticed she’s being fed on 50% dry food and 50% percent wet food. So apart form the increased urination she seems fine. The owner asks whether he should take Squish to the vet or can he test blood sugar at home and how much would a vet visit cost.

We could answer all these questions but lets see what other readers of the thread say:-

“Dry food is the very worst thing you can feed any cat and especially a diabetic. Dry food causes diabetes. ”

“Many vets are not up to date on proper diabetic care. I called and asked a vet about this and he told me he had treated many diabetic cats and he was more than capable to care for my cat. He almost killed her and I found out he didn’t have a clue. Everything he told me was wrong. EVERYTHING!! ”

“Yes – you can buy a glucose meter and test at home. Glucose meters for humans in fact – from Walmart/Walgreens/whatever. You can get some fairly inexpensively and should have enough strips to at least take a few readings and establish whether your kitty is diabetic or not.”

“You asked about cost the vet is the only one that can get you insulin, so you have to have blood work done, thats around 100 dollars(at least in my aera) then you need syringes, insulin if you listen to the vet that is all you need, than come in every month or two for a curve or more blood work to see how the insulin is working.”

“Tight Regulation (keeping BG in normal range with multiple daily shots of insulin, given on a sliding scale of doses. If you go this way, you will also need a B/G meter, but you will not have to go to the vet every few month for blood test, so you will save a lot of money that way and your cat will be much healthyer using TR. My cat has been of the juice for over a year now using TR .”

“You asked if there was anything else that would cause increased urine, well yes CRF( Chronic Renal Failure) again Blood test will tell you the most

PS The vet almost killed my diabetic cat also”

If you have read a few of our previous posts you would have come up with the same comments made above.  So the cat has increased urine but  seems fine. So it could be early stages of cat diabetes or CRF or something else. The most important thing initially is to get the cat off dry food and on to a high protein diet and test blood sugars at home.



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  1. Cathy says:

    YES! That’s a sure sign of Diabeties in cats. Get there as soon as you can! I let my cat go to long, and had to put her down.

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