Supplements For Cat Diabetes


There are supplements for cat diabetes that you can give to your cat that can help prevent cat diabetes and also help with remission.

Cat diabetes, also called feline diabetes or diabetes mellitus in cats is when the cat pancreas cannot produce enough insulin or the cells of the body lose their capacity to utilize insulin. The usual symptoms of cat diabetes include, increased urination, excessive thirst, weaker back legs, increase or decrease in appetite and lethargy.

We and many experts believe that poor diet is the cause of diabetes in cats and this is borne out by the fact that when diet is changed many cats go into remission. Prevention is always better than cure, so we recommend that cats be given a high protein, low carbohydrate diet and one that is as close as possible to that which they would eat in the wild. Exercise is also as important, to keep weight down and the body toned.

Here is some information on the supplements that have been shown to help with preventing cat diabetes:-

“Combination of chromium, vitamin E, and selenium have proven benefits against feline diabetes.  Chromium stimulates insulin action. Insulin must initially mingle with chromium in order to effectively release the tissues to glucose and the production of energy. There are experiments that show that insulin is nearly ineffective devoid of sufficient chromium to create energy. Processed cat dry food is typically deficient in chromium. Studies also reveal that chromium supplementation reduces blood sugar. Vitamin E and selenium are valuable antioxidants that can help care for the blood vessels and other tissue from accelerated corrosion impairment caused by lofty blood sugar levels.”

It is interesting to note in the above extract that processed dry food is typically deficient in chromium. It is also high in carbohydrate and we advocate that all dry food should be stopped as cats are by nature and evolution meat eaters and not eaters of grains and cerials.

Also interesting  to note that these supplements for cat diabetes are also recommended by natural health practitioners fro human diabetics.

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