Cat & Kitten Care : Home Remedies for Diarrhea in Cats


Let’s talk about home remedies for diarrhea
in cats. The first thing, is what is the diagnosis?A veterinarian really should make the diagnosis,
of what the cause is for diarrhea in yourcat, because there can be multiple different
reasons, and so home remedies may not work,if there is something going on, such as a
parasite, like Toxidia, like Giardia, somethinglike that. We also see lots of inflammatory
bowel disease, food allergy, and things likethat, that can cause diarrhea in cats, so
at the direction of your clinic, as far asdiarrhea and home remedies are concerned,
you never ever want to give an over the counterproduct as an anti-diarrheal, to your cat,
because that can be toxic to them, so alwaysask first before you give any home remedy.
We tend to use a couple of things. One ispumpkin, canned pumpkin is a fiber matrix,
and giving that to your cat, can sometimeshelp to slow down diarrhea. We also tend to
use probiotics, in a lot of cats with diarrhea,that is active culture yogurt, so plain or
vanilla flavored yogurt with active cultures,Lactobacillus and Acidophilus, can be used
as a supplement, to help diarrhea in cats,as well. Otherwise, you need to talk with
your clinic, and again, diagnosis is the firstkey to finding out what’s going on.

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