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Assalam-O-Alaikum and welcome to Animalia dot pk I’m your vet Dr furqan. Why does cat vomiting and getting vomiting happen what are their causes and what is their treatment and how can you prevent this and how can you keep your cat or kitten maintained specially in winter if there is excessive vomiting then the temperature decreases basically there can be many types of vomiting and can be of many colors it may be either like a foam or may happen immediately after food. now there are two types of vomiting one is acute, And the other one is chronic. acute means sudden, this means the vomiting happens suddenly and immediately and the vomiting gets severe this is known as acute vomiting. and the chronic refers to the vomiting which continues with your pet from a very long time and the animal continues to vomit. now let’s talk about the reasons for acute formatting the first reason for this is sudden food change and the second reason is treats and milk. Formatting happens due to milk because your cat is not able to digest milk because the cat does not have the enzyme lactose which is required to digest the milk. Third reason is that the cat eats the food immediately and the fourth reason is that when your cat goes out he /she eats anything dirty from there. The vomiting can happen due to parasites present in the stomach as well now the woman can happen due to GST infections also which is known as gastro intestinal infection. or if you have given such a medication which their animal is not able to digest specially brufen or Panadol due to these reasons also vomiting can happen it can also happen if your vet has given Journal anesthesiology your animals and the vomiting will continue for one or two days. Now let’s talk about the chronic cases which are for long term it can be either you do a diet which were giving and which is not easily digestible for your animal. in simple words we can call this food allergy. It can be IBD inflammatory bowel diseases. It can be due to poisoning there are some such things which are slow poisons I’m in Pakistan we have some cat foods which act as a slow poison. And if you’re using them then report continuously vomits and it can also be possible that there are neurological signs this means that there are never problems or there can be either intestinal problem or do the presence of pesticides in the stomach as well. now let’s talk about the precaution and which medicines will you have to use. First of all you can use gravinate then we get the medicines of onsets. You can get cabinet easily from any pharmacy now let’s talk about the precautions and remedies. first of all if your animal is vomiting then you must give blended diet. This means that if you boil chicken. Then you’ll be using that soup. Apart from this if your animal has any food allergy or if you have changed the food immediately and if you think that this issue is due to food and then you can start fasting and with the help of fasting the stomach of the animal would remain totally empty and after that he’ll feel perfect and then you can get back to your normal field which you are using. and apart from this you can make the tea which is green tea you can give that to your animal as well but give it in a small quantity like 2 to 3 tablespoons and not more than this. And the fourth point is there to keep your animal rehydrated you must keep on giving him ORS and apart from this you must give Jelly food and with this start giving probiotics with the help of probiotics the mortality of the stomach remains much better and the vomiting after animal stops and the eating of your animal increases. In Pakistan we have probiotics by the name of follow FOLOREX or viusid. And if you want to purchase it from any ordinary pharmacy which is for humans then there’s a session by the name of ENFLOR you can give that to your pet half size by mixing it in water any precautions you must take care that your animal does not get much lethargic and the animal does not feel weak if you think your animal has been lethargic and the temperature is decreasing then please consult your nearest vet and get him checked and if you think that is diarrhea as well with vomiting then immediately consult your vet. I hope you must have liked this video if yes please like it share and please subscribe this channel see you in the next video KHUDA HAFIZ

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