How to make Persian Cat healthy and Fluffy | care for Persian cat | tips for happy and healthy cat


Here if you can see my cats are not too much fat and also not too much weak. They are normal in weight. Assalam o Alaikum! My name is Saad I hope you are all are fine. Today’s video is especially for people who always complain that our is not healthy, their fur are not growing, fur are not shiny and overall our cat is skinny and weak. In today’s video I will tell you how your cat can become healthy naturally. How you can increase fur growth and make fur shiny and I will tell you about cat health overall. Please watch video till the end to understand and please subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon and please like the video. Lets move towards our video. If you will follow my today’s tips InshaAllah you will never face any big problem. Firstly I will include vaccination. If you have any cat and kitten firstly get it vaccination done. Vaccination of viral infection and vaccination of rabbis. So that the immunity system of cat become so strong that it will stay save from many kind of illness and can enjoy a healthy life. If you want to watch a video on vaccination i have given i link in description you guys can watch it. Second most important thing is diet. Diet effects a cat internally and externally also. It helps in fur growth and also effects on overall health. If you want liver kidney etc of cat work properly diet is very important. In diet you must add the most percentage of protein. If you will keep giving only fry food and biscuits to your cat it will never meet the need of cat. Give chicken beef mutton and fish specially homemade cat food which i taught you guys ( link of playlist of homemade cat food is in description). Give cat proper diet mostly chicken. Need of protein must me fulfilled so the fur growth must increase. Try to give limited fry food so that cat does not have to face any kidney or liver issue. For those who always complain there cat is so skinny and weak they can use multi vitamins ( not for the people who have healthy and fluffy cats) They can use fat plus or you can also give multi vitamins which are for cats and dogs only. Always read the ingredients of the multi vitamins you are using at least once and also search about it on internet It is very beneficial for cat health overall. It is also beneficial for fur growth also. Now for the people who complain about the fur growth, fur are not shiny, there are mats made in fur or skin problem. If you want to get rid of these problems and want to make hair shiny you guys must do brushing daily at least 2 times if your cat is Persian. When you don’t do brushing regularly their are mat made in their fur and when cat lick their hair are going inside and hair ball becomes inside cat which effect it health. Second thing is you must give a bath to cat at-least once in 2 weeks , groom properly. Check properly about fungal infection and if it is there treat properly. Use best medicated shampoo once in a month If you are from Pakistan and India you must find best medicated shampoo for pets and also grooming is very important. After that fish oil is very important I always say that if you give your cat fish oil daily it will increase thickness of the fur , growth of the fur and will help in decrease hair fall. If you use fish oil it protects skin as there is a layer of oil on the skin when it is vanished skin become dry after that allergy starts. So fish oil protects and care skin. if you can see my cats are not too much fat and also not too much weak. They are normal in weight. You can also see fur growth. You should never try to make your cat fat as it brings so many complications like kidney liver problem and other health issues. Here i am telling you normal weight of your cat. If your cat is adult and of 2 or 3 year old its weight must be between 3.5 kg to 4.5 kg for female and for male it must be from 3.5kgs to 5 kg or even 5.5 kg it is normal. It should not be less than 3kg and should not be 6kg also. It brings alot of complications for cats. 3rd most important thing is you should must do deworming of your with the consultation of your vet. And if you want your cat live a healthy long life you should must do the regular checkup and test of your cat if it is available in your city. Test like CBC etc so you must know about your cat health and according to that you keep on changing your cat diet. Here I tried my best to explain you in simple words. Some people don’t even know these. I try not to use complicate words so you guys understand easily. hope you like my video please like this video and subscribe to my channel

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