Are Cats Dangerous for Children?


Are Cats Dangerous for Children?


Cats and children can be good companions if their parents enable them to play, grow and learn in a safe environment. However, many parents are concerned whether cats are dangerous for children, especially when it comes to health issues. According to feline experts, there are some health risks involved when animal and child spend a lot of time together, but regular vaccination can prevent unwanted outcome to appear. Namely, they advise us to vaccinate a cat against rabies once a year and apply monthly or be-monthly treatment against fleas and parasites. Taking care of cat’s health will not only benefit a cat but also prevent negative consequences that neglected cat can transmit to children. On the other hand, parents are greatly concerned of toxoplasmosis. Many of them have heard how dangerous it can be. Interestingly, they are usually misinformed and are not well educated. According to cat experts, Toxoplasmosis is dangerous only for pregnant women in a case that she comes into contact with cat feces. If she can delegate this dirty job to some other member of the family, then all the risks are removed. If not, then they advise pregnant women to wear gloves, anti-bacterial mask and wash the hands after cleaning the litter box. To find out more on toxoplasmosis and how to overcome the danger it can impose on pregnant women, the article “Cats & Kids” gives us the following tips.

Are Cats Dangerous for Children?

Prevent your cat’s exposure to infected rodents by keeping her indoors.

Give the job of cleaning the litter box to another family member or friend whenever possible.

If you must scoop the box yourself, wear rubber gloves and a surgical mask.

Make sure the litter box is scooped daily and feces are put directly into the toilet.

Wash or sanitize hands often — and immediately after scooping.

Freeze meat for a few days and cook it thoroughly.

Peel and wash all fruits and vegetables.

Sanitize cutting boards, counters, utensils and hands after contact with meat or unwashed fruits and veggies.

Wear gloves to garden, and wash hands after gardening.

Cat experts also emphasise the important fact that there is a far greater risk for a pregnant woman of toxoplasmosis when handling raw meat. Regarding other health risks that can be dangerous for children, they are not something we should worry much. We should worry if our child comes into contact with a feral cat because this cat can be ill or contagious. In the case of a domestic cat with proper care, there are some minimal risks. One of them is a bacterial infection that can be transmitting through scratching. Because of this, it could be wise that parents teach their children how to play with a cat. If we take precautions in a right time, we can relax and enjoy watching our children and cats playing and growing together.

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