Do Cats Feel Lonely?


Do Cats Feel Lonely?


Cats are solitary animals and many owners take for granted that they do not feel lonely when left at home for a long time. Even though they are not ‘pack’ animals like dogs, they are social. The difference between cats and dogs when it comes to socialisation is in type and duration of social contact they need during a day. Unlike dogs, cats do not need social contacts all day long. They are content with less time spending with their owner or another animal. Naturally, there are differences between the cats. Some cats are less while others are more social. But, even the most social cats are not in high demand for contact like their counterparts, dogs. They can spend a great time playing with toys or sleeping when their owner is absent, but they would not be happy to be alone for longer periods of time. For this reason, feline experts suggest adopting another cat that can be a good companion for a lonely pet. It is particularly necessary when we have to work away from home for many hours, or our lifestyle means spending a lot of time outdoors. To find out what are the signs that a cat feels lonely, the article “Bored or Lonely Cat? There’s Help for That” gives us the following list.

Do Cats Feel Lonely?

1. Overgrooming – Your cat’s pulling of his hair or excessive cleaning – similar to obsessive-compulsive disorder in humans – is his way of showing that he
needs more consistent attention.

2. Spraying/Squatting – Your cat’s strategic marking with deposits of urine or stool is another sign of the impact that your absence has on your cat’s sense of

3. Excessive Vocalization – Your cat will try to communicate unhappiness about being left alone with loud and insistent vocal sounds.

4. Destructiveness – Your cat will “move items” out of anxiety while you are away.

5. Aggressive Behavior – Your cat will act out aggressively towards you when you try to leave the house.

As we have seen, cats can experience several symptoms that point to some kind of anxiety and depression. However, we should not despair. With simple tricks and a little effort, we can help a cat to forget about loneliness and be a happy cat. Namely, there are many ideas out there on how to build a DIY tree or toys. We just need to give them what makes them excited, such as cardboard boxes, rolls of toilet paper, or interactive toys that will keep its attention. If its mind is occupied with an interesting activity, the last thing for a cat will be to feel lonely.

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