Why Do Cats Love Bathrooms?


Why Do Cats Love Bathrooms?

The most popular room for every indoor cat is a bathroom. Many owners report that they may sit for hours in any other room and their cats would not notice them. However, when a cat owner heads to a bathroom, a cat suddenly stops doing what she is doing and starts following him. Interestingly, many of us take that cat behavior for granted, even though no one has any single idea why is that. Feline experts have several theories that are not rooted in science. These theories are mainly based on experience. One of them is that cats like drinking fresh water. This is especially true for cats who avoid drinking from water bowls and are motivated to drink from a faucet. Feline experts believe that this behavior is rooted in feline’s life in nature when they used to drink from springs or some other source of fresh water. They like drinking flowing water or rainwater. The article “5 Reasons Cats Love Bathrooms” tries to explain why cats love bathrooms in the following way.

Why Do Cats Love Bathrooms?

– Cats hate to be in water, but love to be near it

– Cats think toilet paper is simply irresistible

– Cats love the taste of human bathwater

– Cats just don’t get privacy (theirs or ours)

– Cats love us

But, many owners are still confused about cat behavior and their love for bathrooms. They still wonder why some cats tap into a bathtub after their owner was having a bath and lick remaining water. Even though feline experts do not have any idea about this behavior, they believe that cats are usually rewarded in some way after they enter the bathroom. For example, some of them are petted, cuddling, or speaking with a soft voice, and for cats, this is the excellent reward. They remind us that cats do not anything that is not rewarding. And for many of them, bathroom experience is just that.

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