How to Survive with a Cat in Heat?


How to Survive with a Cat in Heat?

February is a month when begins a breeding season for cats in the northern hemisphere. Female cats go into heat yowling and meowing excessively days and nights. For many owners, it is a time of stress. For female cats, it is more than that. Cats who are not spayed are even more exposed to stress. Cats go into heat when they are five to twelve months old. Some cats might experience heat cycle within four months of age. After the first heat cycle, they go into a continuous breeding cycle every three weeks. Moreover, female cats may become pregnant during a nursing period. This can extremely exhaust a cat’s energy and decrease her immunity. Because of that and many other reasons, such as sexually transmitted diseases, feline experts strongly recommend spaying and neutering cats. Even male cats can go through serious turbulences during the breeding season. The truth is – male cats cannot go into heat, but continuous yowling and meowing make them aggressive and determined to go out. To learn more about what to do and how to survive a cat in heat, the article “Remedies to Calm a Female Cat in Heat” gives us the following tips.

How to Survive with a Cat in Heat?

– Check for signs of heat to help rule out the possibility of other causes for her symptoms.

– Offer your kitty lots of extra love and attention.

– Distract your fussy feline with new toys and stimulating play.

– Secure doors and windows at all times to protect your cat from male cats in the neighborhood.

– Consult your vet for medical intervention.

– Spay your cat to eliminate heat symptoms within a few days following the procedure.

The only way to survive a cat in heat is to spay or neuter them. For female cats, it means better health, less noise, and improvement of the immune system. For males, it means decreasing the risk of fights, abscess, and pain. Their territorial impulses will be more in control and they will be less exposed to various health risks. And for us, humans, it means better sleep and no worries. Furthermore, we will not contribute to the overpopulation of cats and handle just the cats we can take care of.

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