What Causes Lack of Appetite in Cats?


What Causes Lack of Appetite in Cats?


Lack of appetite is frequent among cats. Even though cats are usually considered as finicky eaters, the first think we should check when they lack appetite is their health. Namely, cats lose interest in food when ill. Various health issues such as gastrointestinal problems, heart issues, kidney disease, neurological problems, and even cancer can manifest through weight loss. Veterinarians especially warn us to observe whether a lack of appetite is accompanied by vomiting, hiding, diarrhea, and so on. In this case, we can be pretty sure that there is some medical issue behind the cat’s refusal of food. They warn us that more than 24 hours without food can be dangerous for a cat. It is because cats, after they stop eating, can develop fatty liver very quickly. This condition is known as hepatic lipidosis and can cause lifelong consequences on the cat’s liver. Other reasons that cause cats to avoid food can be dental diseases, like paradentosis, toothache, or broken teeth. Some cats can develop anxiety or depression when faced with major changes in their immediate environment. The arrival of a new family member or a new pet, appearance of a cat intruder in the yard, moving from one place to another, changes in the schedule of family members, can impose cats to a huge stress. Although they cannot speak, they will inform us about their feelings by changing their habits. The first sign that something is wrong is a lack of appetite. To find out more about possible causes of the lack of appetite in cats, the article “Cat Not Eating? 8 Causes of Cat Appetite Loss” gives us the following list.

What Causes Lack of Appetite in Cats?

1. Uneasy Stomach

2. Separation Anxiety

3. Heart Problems

4. Parasites

5. Dental Problems

6. Depression

7. Poisoning

8. Mating Season

Apart from these reasons, senior cats can also develop some form of anorexia. However, the majority of cats belong to finicky eaters and want more delicious food that matches their delicate taste. Finding the right food for a cat can easily solve the problem and a lack of appetite will become a distant past.

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