What Are Causes of Sudden Weight Loss in Cats?


What Are Causes of Sudden Weight Loss in Cats?


Even though obesity is the main problem regarding cat health, sudden weight-loss is not less dangerous. Namely, cats that experience sudden weight loss are in a huge health risk. The reason for that is its underlying cause. According to feline experts, it is a medical issue that often leads to a sudden lack of appetite, malabsorption or loss of important nutrients. Geriatric cats are particularly at risk, because losing weight for them may point at serious issue. Some geriatric cats may lose weight because of kidney issue, while others may suffer from hyperthyroidism. Cats with hyperthyroidism usually eat more than before the illness. In spite of that, we can find out that they still lose weight. In any case, if geriatric cats start losing weight, feline experts advise us taking them immediately to a vet. On the other hand, they recommend a vet visit for otherwise healthy cats who suddenly start losing weight. To answer the question – What are the causes of sudden weight loss in cats – the article “Weight Loss and Chronic Disease in Cats” gives us the following explanation.

What Are Causes of Sudden Weight Loss in Cats?

There are many factors which cause your cat to lost weight, including:

– Fever
– Anorexia
– Cancer
– Intestinal tumors
– Pregnancy or nursing
– Insufficient calorie intake
– Prolonged exposure to cold
– Paralysis of the esophagus
– Organ failure (heart, liver, kidney)
– Chronic blood loss (hemorrhaging)
– The quality of the food (i.e., its taste, freshness)
– Chronic protein-losing intestinal disorder
– Blockages in stomach/gut (gastrointestinal obstructions)
– Surgical removal (resection) of segments of bowel
– Skin lesions that ooze and cause loss of protein
– Disorders of the central nervous system that interfere with eating or appetite
– Neurologic disorders that make it difficult to pick up or swallow food

Additionally, feline experts warn us to watch for symptoms if a cat is underweight. Cats that lose ten percent of their normal weight are considered underweight. Not only that, these cats are at huge risk because of an underlying medical issue, but they also can develop a dangerous health condition known as the fatty liver syndrome. If we want to prevent the worst case scenario, it is a good idea to spot any new behavior or eating habit that differs from cat’s routine. The better we know a cat, the more we can help it. When we notice weight changes, a veterinarian will check the possible causes of sudden weight loss, and treat the hidden issue.

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