When Do Cats Shed Too Much?


When Do Cats Shed Too Much?


Cats in the wild shed twice a year – in the spring and autumn. In the spring, they shed their underlying coat and prepare for hot summer months. On the other hand, their fur grows during the autumn to protect them from a cold weather during the winter. However, domestic cats, especially the indoor ones, shed throughout the year. Heating and cooling in our buildings and houses confuse the cat’s perfect shedding cycle. For that reason, we can find cat hair everywhere around. Many of us have been accustomed to constant shedding. We accept it as a part of being a cat parent. But, sometimes, shedding in cats become too excessive. We find cat hair in larger amounts and much often. When a cat sheds too much, it can be for numerous reason. And the crucial thing is to exclude underlying medical factor first. Namely, certain skin problems, as well as illness, cause a cat to lick too much. Sometimes, cats lose hair in patches. If it is the case, we should take a cat for a checkup. To learn more about when do cats shed too much, the article “4 Reasons Cats Might Shed Too Much” lists the following.

When Do Cats Shed Too Much?

1. Low-Quality Food

2. Allergies

3. Hyperthyroidism

4. Hormonal Changes

When a cat shed too much, especially during the summer heat, we can do our best with brushing and grooming. If our cat does not get used to it, we need to be patient. According to experts, short grooming sessions followed by treat will help a cat get accustomed soon. With patience, love, and consistency, brushing sessions can become a good way to bond with a cat. Cats with matted fur need a careful approach. Experts suggest cutting knots and continuing grooming. But, if cat’s fur is difficult to comb, they suggest asking an expert for a help.

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