Common Cat Diseases


Common Cat Diseases

It’s very perturbing when your cat is obviously unwell. The most troubling thing is not knowing what precisely the problem is. Not knowing how to help your furry little friend who depends on you is most distressing. Cats are elusive when it comes to expressing themselves, so you’ll have to be very attentive.

Know Thy Cat

Of course, your cat isn’t able to tell you if she is not feeling well in words, but an assiduous pet owner can tell if something’s peculiar. To begin with, Kitty’s first instinct on being ill or injured will be to find some private, quiet place to hide and try to sleep it off. Know your cat and you know what will be out of the ordinary for her. If a usually affectionate cat starts to avoid others or a usually independent cat suddenly doesn’t want to be alone, something is wrong. Unusual belligerence or sluggishness are both extremes that may be clues to an underlying disease.

Common Cat Diseases

Look For Symptoms

A frequent symptom in the worst cat illnesses is either excessive drinking or not drinking. Carefully monitor changes in appetite and litter box habits. Cats are meticulous about grooming themselves so if your kitty is looking bedraggled, there’s something wrong. If Kitty is focusing on one spot, it may be because she has pain in that area. If your cat doesn’t look as she usually does, she may be ill. Note the color of the eyes and mouth. Changes in silhouette or intense shifts in weight are signs of distress. Discharge should be monitored, color and viscosity noted.

Get a Diagnosis

The diseases in the infographic below are the most common illnesses in cats. Listed here are the symptoms, preferred treatment and how much the vet bill may be in the US. Report any abnormal symptoms or behavior to your veterinarian. If you can, try to bring the vet a fecal sample. (Take care to see that you’re not infected as well, of course.) Keep poor Kitty as comfortable as possible by swaddling her in a blanket if she’ll allow it. If you have multiple felines, a healthy cat may try to comfort her ailing companion by lying near her. Allow this only if the illness is not contagious.

Remember the old saw coined by Benjamin Franklin: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Get your cat vaccinated, maintain a healthy diet and keep them away from poisons.

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