Constipation in Cats


Constipation in Cats

When a cat is constipated, it means that he is not giving out regular bowels or it means that he is having a hard time in releasing his bowels. Constipation in cats is caused by various factors but one of the main reasons why your cat is constipated is because he is not drinking enough water. You should always keep a bowl of fresh water around for the cat to sip. You also want to buy all-natural cat food that has fiber-rich ingredients because constipation in cats is sometimes the result of fiber deficiemcy. A few teaspoons of mashed pumpkin is good for relieving a cat’s constipation. You can also give milk to cats since it produces diarrhea and this loosens the bowels.

 Aloe Vera and Sodium Ascorbate

 Aloe vera drops can be placed in your cat’s food and it cleanses your cat’s digestive system. Another popular treatment for constipation in cats is sodium scorbate and this is a good for cats because it contains vitamin C, which is healthy for the digestive and immune systems. These can be bought at natural health stores and online pet health retailers.

Give The Cat A Break From Dry Cat Food

 Some veterinarians recommend that you cut back on dry cat food because too much dry cat food causes constipation in cats. Instead you can buy a few cans of wet cat food since it contains enough moisture to reduce constipation…..(PETCATHEALTH.INFO believe that cats should never be given dry food as most dry food is high in carbohydrate and ingredients that are alien to what Mother Nature intended for a cat! We also believe that dry food is the leading cause of the cat diabetes epidmeic!

Root Causes of Constipation in Cats

 A lack of exercise could be another reason why your cat is constipated and if this is the case then you can let the cat outside for a few hours so he can enjoy physical activity. Some cats eat mice, bugs and other tiny animals and this causes constipation. Because cats eat more meat than other foods, this often leads to constipation and other cats experience constipation because of a poorly functioning colon.

Can You Use Olive Oil to Relieve Constipation in Cats?

 It is safe to give your cat olive oil as long as you don’t give him too much of it. Add a few teaspoons of olive oil to the cat food and you can also put one drop of it in the cat’s water to further loosen his bowels. Olive oil helps bile flow in the cat’s body and softens the bowels.


 Prevention is the best way to ensure that your cat is not constipated and you should also  meet with the cat’s veterinarian for a regular checkup so he can determine if there are problems with the cat’s digestive system. Be careful of any tiny animals of insects that hang out in the house because cats get a hold of them easily and if they eat too many of them, constipation could occur.


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