Declawing: Jackson Galaxy Just Says No!


Today it comes out. In no uncertain terms, by
the time we’re done today,you will know exactly
where the cat daddy stands. People, let’s talk
about declawing. It’s very simple. I mean, declawing is something
that I come across every day. 25% of all cats in
the US are declawed,which is crazy when you ask me. Why is it crazy?Because declawing is,
in my humble opinion,inhumane, barbaric, for
the most part cosmetic,and it is unnecessary. What is declawing?Declawing is actually
de-knuckling. You think that all you’re
doing is pulling outthe claws of a cat to make
your belongings safer,or your kids, or you. But it’s not. It is the amputation
of the first jointof every knuckle
on a cat’s paws. I’m here to talk for the cats. And the cats say,
of course I wouldn’twant my knuckles amputated. And for what reason?We’re removing the initial
line of defense for a cat. When a cat tries to get your
attention because they don’tlike what’s going
on, then they’regoing to pat pat at you. If you don’t get that message,
then the claws come out. Hey, I’m trying to
tell you something. And the third line of
defense is their teeth. That’s when they bite. So when a cat gets
their claws taken awaybecause you think you’re
going to be safer,I’m telling you what. You’re going to get bit
more often than not. Cats who are declawed
are more likely to getsurrendered to shelters. Why is that?Usually because of
secondary symptoms,a cat goes in the litter box for
the first time after surgery. It hurts. A cat doesn’t say,
wow, my paws hurt. What they say when they
step in the litter boxis that place hurts. And why would I go back there?Yeah, no reasonable
cat would go backinto something that hurts them. So they stop. And cats who are
declawed then wind upwith litter box problems. That’s when I meet them. Let’s also talk about what we’re
doing to a cat’s physiology. We are changing it. Cats are what we
call digitigrade. They walk on their tiptoes. And when we change the
formation of their paws, poot,they sink down. Please, think about it. Later on in life, are they
more susceptible to arthritis,for instance?Of course they
are, because we’vechanged the way
nature made them. Now, do cats who
suffer declawinghave problems
defending themselves?Sure they do. Declawed cats have a
hard time climbing treesto get away from predators. Even though vets
are still performingdeclawing to a large
degree, they’llstill say, keep
your cat indoors,because they have trouble
defending themselves outdoors. Is declining with
a laser better?It’s less messy,
sure, but there havebeen papers published that
say that there is absolutelyno correlation between
laser declawingand a decrease in the amount
of chronic pain and discomfortthat a cat will experience,
none whatsoever. Declawing is so
predictably painfulthat pharmaceuticals
actually use itas a measure to test
pain medication. Guys, 22 countries
on record, and I’msure more at this
point, have banneddeclawing, whole countries. Now, we’ve been
fighting in the Statesto ban it city by city
because of some arcane lawsthat prevent us from going
after the states, at leastin California, but entire
countries, 22 of them. Well, the one thing
I don’t want to dois come across as
somebody who iswagging their
finger at everybody. That’s not who I am. I swear to you. I’m an educator and a
student for the most part. But I’m here to tell you
that it’s forgivable. If you said, oh, my
grandparents declawed. My mom declawed her
cats, so I declawed mine. It’s fine if you’re
learning right now. If you refuse to look at
both anecdotal and scientificevidence and you don’t
listen to me, someonewho has been in the field for 20
years working with these cats,then I have a hard time
forgiving, because youare going against what
you know about your cats. If you want to learn more about
declawing, well, first of allthere’s me. And you will find articles
on cats, scratching,and how cats can live happily
ever after on my website. As a matter of fact, you
probably see a link for itright there. But also another link right
there would be pawproject. org. Man, you got lots of
great information there. But here, this is what
I’m going to be doing. I’ll be giving away two. Count them, two copies
of The Paw Project movie. I will autograph it, sign it
to you, or your favorite cat,or someone that you’re
trying to educate. I’ll sign their name
right on here as well. And it is a fantastic movie. So stay tuned, guys. All you’ve got do is leave
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