Diabetic Cat Has Withdrawal Symptoms From Giving Up Dry Food


Amazingly a diabetic cat has withdrawal symptoms from giving up dry food.  A cat owner discovered that her cat had diabetes and did the sensible thing that we recommend and that is to stop the dry food and replace with a high carbohydrate wet food. Not surprisingly after a couple of months the cat went into remission but the owner is saying the cat meows constantly and thinks about food.

“Our cat had feline diabetes diagnosed last year.. Prior to being diagnosed we let her have dry food at any time and she grazed. Once diagnosed with diabetes we completely cut out dry food and switched to wet food only. Big mistake that we did not do this gradually. We feed her a can a day but have split the feedings into 5 a day. within 2 months the diabetes was gone. But now she meows constantly and thinks of food constantly. She can’t settle down during the day. it has been about 6 months and her meowing is getting progressively worse! My husband is home all day with her and he is ready to put her down. I think it is something mental but I don’t know what to do to help her. We did bring her back to the vet and they put her on thyroid meds. Nothing else is physically wrong that they can find. We have tried playing more with her but she has no interest. We have even tried the scents that are supposed to calm…no luck.”

If your diabetic cat has withdrawal symptoms from giving up dry food, I’d say you need to vary the food. Give the cat a diet as close as possible to what it would eat in the wild that is one that is high in animal protein and low in carbohydrate. Try different brands, try raw food and try making your own food from recipes you can readily find on the web.

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