Fans Mourn Death Of A Fat Cat


Fans mourn death of a fat cat – A few weeks ago we featured Meow a fat cat that could no longer be looked after by its 87 year old owner and was left at an animal rescue center. Unfortunatley we have since learnt that Meow has passed away. He weighed about four times that of an average cat and had a particular liking for hot dogs.

Weightloss for overweight cats

Meow – 18Kg cat!

“At first his story was played for laughs: Meow, who was between two and five years old, favoured hot dogs, and was so fat that he got stuck inside things – large things. But his weight highlighted a creeping crisis: pets in America are getting fatter, just like their owners.”

“The fear, of course, is that more human beings will fall to similar fates as Meow. His shelter had put him on a strict diet and had posted all his weigh-ins on a Facebook page. He had lost almost 1kg and made a number of appearances on daytime TV programs amid hopes that he might become an aspirational example.

Last Wednesday, however, he began to suffer breathing problems. He underwent a series of tests, including X-rays and a cardiac ultrasound, and was put on oxygen but died three days later.

“It was a shock and a horror for all of us,” Mary Martin, the head of Meow’s shelter, said. “We all fell in love with him.”

He may not have died in vain. She added that people across the country had contacted the shelter after hearing of Meow’s story. Many had been inspired by Meow to put their pets and themselves on a diet.”

In my opinion diabetes is a western lifestyle disease and is a result of a poor unatural diet and lack of exercise. Try and feed your cat a diet as close as possible to that which the cat would eat in the wild ie.small raw rodents, birds, mammals etc and not hot dogs! We would rather cats did not get fat in the first place that way we wouldnt need to write any more ‘ fans mourn death of a fat cat ‘ articles.


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