Cat Diabetes Can Be Sent Into Remission If Caught Early Enough


Cat diabetes can be sent into remission if caught early enough say veterinarians but many owners are leaving it too late to take their cats to the surgery. For many years now there has been a decline in the number of visits to a veterinarian resulting in treatable illnesses becoming chronic.

“Veterinarians around the country are concerned that the decade-long decline in regular veterinary visits is directly related to the increase in preventable and treatable illnesses in dogs and cats

More and more pets are suffering from diabetes, dental disease, kidney disease, arthritis and obesity – illnesses and conditions which can greatly affect an animal’s quality of life – and often easily spotted during a regular veterinary exam.”

“There are things we really do have the ability to treat and manage effectively,” says Dr. Chea Hall, an associate veterinarian at Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital in Beaverton. “But if we find out things after they are so advanced, our options may be limited.”

Obesity has increased by 37 percent among dogs and by 90 percent in cats since 2007, Hall says; the condition now affects one out of five dogs and cats.

Check with your vet about special diets or medications for overweight dogs. And don’t forget that cats need exercise too. Start by playing with your cat for just five minutes each day with a feather toy or laser pointer.”

Diabetes is another very treatable disease that can even be sent into remission if caught early enough. A special diet can add years to the life of a cat suffering from kidney disease.

However, Hall cautions that pet owners should never self-diagnose their pet. Cats, especially, can show many symptoms that could be caused by a variety of disease processes.

The key, she says, is to see your veterinarian for an exam twice a year.”

Firstly I truly believe that not only cat diabetes cases can be sent into remission if caught early enough but remission is also possible in very bad cases. What is required is good handling of the present situation i.e careful monitoring of blood sugar levels and insulin, and  a radical change in lifestyle and diet. This is something I have written about before in numerous previous posts.

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