Feline Chronic Kidney Disease


Feline Chronic Kidney Disease

Even with special cat diets and all the health claims of modern day cat food, rates of feline chronic kidney disease have increased. This is an obvious sign that something has gone wrong along the way. Changes in cat’s lifestyles have once again caused problems with their health.

First, let’s identify what kidney disease is. It is not just one condition, but any condition where the renal system is affected. This ranges from kidney disorders to urethral disorders. Examples of such disorders are kidney stones, diabetes, cystitis, nephrosis and haematuria.

There can be several causes of kidney disease including, but not limited to the following:


-consumption of poisonous substances

-ill health


-veterinary medication

To determine if a cat has kidney disease, a veterinarian will take a blood test, urinalysis, a urine test, an ultra sound, X-ray or biopsy. These should only be used when necessary because they are very invasive.

The veterinary solution for this disease is medication. The problem is that veterinary medication tends to be liver toxic and suppresses the immune system. So they don’t actually cure the problem, but they allow your cat to appear cured for a temporary period of time. When the medication is no longer used the disease will usually return or other ailments may take effect. Here is some information on how to naturally help a cat if he/she has developed kidney disease from medication:

   “If the cause of the problem is from past or current veterinary medication, as it can be so often, then the best way to undo this damage is to use homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy doesn’t just treat the normal health issues of a cat, it can also undo the damage of past medications.

People often turn to homeopathy as a last ditch effort. However, if you use it as your first choice of health care for your cat, then you can save yourself a lot of heartache and many $$, not to mention the trouble you save your cat.

Using natural cat health care for all health problems, including kidney disease in cats, can make a world of different to how happy and healthy your cat is.”


Once again it is proven that the natural way can be the best way. Feline chronic kidney disease doesn’t have a problem if a pet owner is willing to think outside the box of modern medicine.

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