My Cat Is Constipated


My Cat is Constipated

“ My cat is constipated ,” is becoming a common saying among cat owners. As in humans, the cause of constipation in cats is the diet. The severity of constipation can range depending on how the poor the diet is. However, in all cases despite the severity poor quality food is a common factor.

As a cat owner you are responsible for the health of your cat including the food they eat.  However, you cannot blame yourself if your cat has become constipated. Like many pet owners you probably have been fooled into believing that you’re feeding your cat high quality food.  And why shouldn’t you feel this way? The brand was recommended by your veterinarian. It is the most expensive cat food and so it has to be the best, right? Wrong.

Veterinarians may not always be looking out for the best interest of you or your cat. That expensive brand of cat food may be tricking you with their fancy label. More is explained below:

“First, let’s look at the cat foods recommended by vets. At veterinary colleges, there is no, or very little, education on nutrition. This is reserved for the commercial pet food industry who financially support the colleges.

Since nutrition is at the heart of health, this is a curious phenomena, to say the least. No education? Leave it to those who have a vested interest? Interesting…

For many people, this means that you can’t trust the advice of your vet when it comes to nutrition. Of course, this opens a can of worms…

The second area to consider is price. It is remotely possible that those cat foods that are more expensive may possibly start off with slightly better quality ingredients. But this is normally all for nothing as they still dilute this down with cheap carbohydrates (which are not good for cats) and synthetic chemicals for a variety of reasons, none of which are supportive of your cat’s good health.”

In a natural environment constipation in cats is a rarity. If it was really that common, cats would have gone extinct a long time ago. To stop constipation the best advice is to feed your cat a diet that is natural and is similar (if not the same) to the diet he/she evolved on. So let’s stop saying “my cat is constipated” and instead start giving our cat the good food they deserve.

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  1. Cat Lover says:

    My cat is constipated AND she suffers from Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), so there’s only 1 cat food we’ve found that doesn’t cause crystals and actually helps our poor kitty. That is Purina One Urinary Blend. If you know how we can treat both her FLUTD and get her unconstipated, we are all ears.

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