Feline Disease


Feline Disease

Though cats like humans and other pets have their common diseases, there is one particular feline disease that is on the rise with in the feline family.

Autoimmune disease is a feline disease and occurs when the immune system attacks the body through use of antibodies and lymphocytes (white blood cells). This disease is becoming an increasing problem in cats. However, unlike some humans cats aren’t usually born with an autoimmune disease.

External factors can cause such diseases to develop in a cat especially diet. Antibodies protect the body and are only created when the immune system cannot prevent the entrance of a foreign invader, or pathogen into the body.

Though antibodies are important for the body’s protection, they also serve as a sign that the first forms of defense have failed. The great benefit of antibodies is that if a similar or the same pathogen enters the body again, the antibodies will have the past experience to rely on, in order to better protect the body. So essentially the immune system becomes stronger.

White blood cells, like antibodies, are produced when the body believes it is being attacked. They tend to be produced if a cat has some infection or right after a vaccine. However, at times the body isn’t really being directly attacked, but instead a toxic or unnatural substance has just entered the body. Such substances can come from bad quality cat food. Below are ways to possibly reverse this disease:


“The best way to reverse this process is to start treating your cat more akin to her evolutionary past. Although this can’t be completely implemented within the human world, the important areas can be. There are three important areas.

Feed your cat a quality, natural diet.

Use natural medicines for all her health needs. Homeopathy in particular is fast, natural and effective and works as well on animals as it does on people.

Allow your cat regular time outside in nature (safely), to roll in the earth, to eat grass, to feed the energy of the earth through her feet, to feel the sun on her skin.”


To conclude, cats are intelligent, strong animals with a naturally strong immune system. However, taken out of their natural environment with alterations to life style and diet can have some negative effects such as feline disease. Therefore, it is recommended that even if a cat is domesticated, the pet owner should try to an extent to keep the cat in its evolutionary natural environment. This can be done through simple changes in diet (more natural food)

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