Cat Vomiting


Cat Vomiting


Cat vomiting is nothing out of the ordinary, but how can you tell when it is cause for concern? It is really hard to tell since for cats vomiting is so normal and there are so many variables that go into a cat’s health. First let’s look at normal reasons a cat would vomit.

Throwing up a hair ball is nothing to worry about particularly when their coats are changing according to the season. Food may also be thrown up with the hair ball, but this simply means that the meal was eaten a little too close with the cat’s licking his/her coat. Cats that have access to grass will often throw it up along with saliva. This is a way for the body to cleanse itself. Below are situations when a pet owner should be concerned:

“Frequent vomiting, such as minutes apart, hours, even days does indicate a deeper problem. Food will be purged back up when the quality is not good or when your cat is feeling below par. Vomiting can indicate an acute problem such as food poisoning or a serious or chronic problem with the liver or stomach.

Although this may require professional help, the first thing to consider is what went before this. That is often the key to the problem. Reverse this, if you can, and the problem may disappear. However, some health issues can develop slowly, over time making isolating the cause more tricky.

In many situations, you can stop your cat vomiting altogether by changing her diet to a quality, natural one. Even when the condition is serious a quality, natural diet can make the difference of bringing hope to an otherwise hopeless situation. Many cats make a miraculous recovery, even from apparently impending death, simply by switching the diet to a quality, natural one.

Veterinary treatment for a cat vomiting tends to be suppressive, with anti-nausea and anti-spasmodic medication. This does not get to the cause of the problem and can be liver toxic and immune suppressive, creating more problems for the future.

Homeopathic treatment works by allowing your cat’s immune system to work out best what it should be doing. Homeopathy is non-toxic and without side effects. And the good news is that cats are very well disposed to take the appropriate remedy. It doesn’t have to be hidden in food, to trick them.”

Cat vomiting can be a little scary, especially for new cat owners who do not have as much experience. Just remember that a cat has its own way of staying healthy. Treat your cat well with natural food and exercise and his/her body should be able to take care of the rest.

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