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Genetic diseases are inherited disorders
caused by abnormal genes that are passed on from one generation to another. Pedigree cats are especially at riskof developing a genetic disease due to years of selective breeding and inbreeding. Hello, I’m Doctor Bill Barnett. Let’s talk for a minute about feline
genetic diseases. Genetically determined diseases can be
present at birth or may develop later in life. Over the years, the number of genetic
diseases has increased. The worldwide cat population has reached 600 million. Of the some forty different cat breeds, most have originated within the past hundred and fifty years. Typically these breeds have been bred to emphasize aesthetic rather than functional traits. Genetic diseases can be grouped into how they affect the cat. Such as:sensory disorders, skin disorders, hormonal, neurological, and cardiovascular disorders, physical disordersmyopathies, diseases affecting
the muscles, and enzyme deficiency disorders. There are no cures for genetic diseases. Only treatment and management. DNA testing before breeding is one way of controlling genetic diseases. If you’d like to learn more about feline genetic diseases read the full report that accompanies this video. It includes an explanation of all the common genetic anomalies and which breeds are most likely to be affected by this. For further reading, check out our
articles on feline evolution and optimum feline health. Of course the best thing you can do to help your cat live a long and healthy lifeis to provide optimum nutrition throughout its life. Click on the link to optimum nutrition
to learn which ingredients in your cat’s food are good, which can cause problems, and why.

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