Symptoms of Feline Kidney Disease and Natural Solutions


Hi Everyone Madeleine Innocent here. People whocare for cats need to know the commonsymptoms of feline kidney disease fortwo reasons. First it’s best to know whatyou and your cat are dealing with before a vet’sdiagnosis so that it doesn’t come as asurprise or shock. When we are in shock wedon’t always make sounds decisions. Second you want to be able to pick it upvery early so you can take proactivemeasures. Naturally it’s even better toknow what causes this potentially fatalcondition so your cat never has toexperience it. So the common symptoms offeline kidney disease include: increasedfirst with the attendant increase inurination, weakness or lethargy, poorappetite with the attendant weight loss,unhealthy coat, bad breath, and digestivedisorders such as vomiting, diarrheaconstipation. These symptoms can alsopoint to other problems, but it’s a goodrough guide. This disease label can bedetermined to veterinary blood and urinetests. As far as vets are concerned this isnot a curable disease. However, in the holistic world, wethink very differently. Certainlyend-stage cases would be a challenge topull back but those who haven’t developedto this state yet do have a goodprognosis. But only if you work with agood holistic practitioner preferably a homeopathor exclusively homeopathicvet. Restoration of health takes time andexpertise. Generally this isn’t something youcan do on your own. But what aboutcauses? It makes much more sense toappreciate what the causes are and thenavoid these issues and in so doingprotect your cat. When you understandand appreciate the causes for anydisease you and your cat can havelifelong protection. These causes are nottaught at veterinary schools. Feline kidney disease deteriorates over time. Itisn’t sudden so no one connects the dotsbetween cause and effect. The only oneswho do think outside the squarewho can connect the dots are holisticpractitioners. As one myself I can shedlight on the path to wellness for you. Oneof the best things you can do is to stopfeeding your cat the dried cat food. If you enjoyedthis video do LIKE it and leave acomment. If you would like to know how tokeep your cat so healthythe chances of them getting kidneydisease, any disease, drops to almost zerocheck out my website www. NaturalCatHealth. com/Renalcom /a real

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