How to Help Cats Survive Summer Heat?


How to Help Cats Survive Summer Heat?


Summer heat is a great challenge for our beautiful pets. They have more difficulties to survive summer heat than people. They do not sweat and cannot take off a warm fur during summer months. Even though cats have their own way to cool themselves during the summer heat, we can do a lot to help them. The first thing we can do is to ensure that outdoor cat does not get outside from 11 to 16 in a hot summer day. When a heat wave withdraws, we can allow a cat wandering around. Even then, experts suggest, we should provide a cat with a cool, peaceful place in a shadow. It can be a place in the darkest corner of a porch, or under a big shade tree. Sometimes it helps to wrap a frozen bag of vegetables in a towel and put it in a cat bed. Feline experts also recommend checking regularly for signs of overheating such as lethargy, rapid breathing, vomiting, hot paw pads, etc. Sometimes, cats can get sunburns on their paw pads because of walking on a hot asphalt. If we notice any signs of overheating, we may place a cat in a cool place such as kitchen tiles and rub her with a wet towel. If it does not help, we should immediately call a vet. To find out more how to help cats survive the summer heat, the article “10 Ways to Keep Cats Cool in Summer Heat” lists the following.

How to Help Cats Survive Summer Heat?

1. Cool Your Cat Down with Ice
2. Keep Your Cat Cool with Some Homemade Air-Conditioning
3. Elevate the Bed
4. Give Your Cat a Fan
5. Give Your Cat a Shave and a Haircut
6. Pet Your Cat with a Wet Cloth
7. Close the Curtains
8. Avoid Cooling Gel Packs
9. Postpone Playtime with Your Cat
10. Never, Never, Never Leave Your Cat in Your Car

Additionally, feline experts believe that cats shed more during hot summer days. This excessive shedding appears only in a heat wave and it is a natural way of cats to cool themselves. However, they need us to help them get rid of excessive hair. Regular or daily brushing will enable cats to maintain good hygiene and cool themselves easier. It also prevents an appearance of hairballs and helps their skin breathe. Senior cats need more help to survive the summer heat. We should be more sensitive to their needs during summer and provide them with more opportunities to cool them down.

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