How Much Does It Cost To Treat A Diabetic Cat


How much does it cost to treat a diabetic cat, is a question that sometimes immediately goes through an owners mind, who has just discovered that their cat has been diagnosed with cat diabetes.

What is sad is that the fear of costs can lead the owner to make the irrational decision to put the cat down before all the facts are known.

Granted the initial vet costs to determine the disease may be expensive but cat diabetes is an illness that can be easily treated at home and once a routine has been established future vets visits should be minimal.

Felicia writes:-

“My cat was diabetic. She had it 5 years before she died at 19 1/2 years old. She didn’t die from the diabetes.

We only had 2 incidences in the 5 years she was diabetic which required an emergency vet visit. People don’t realize its not that difficult to have a diabetic cat.

We only check my velvets sugar levels if she was acting off or a little funny and we would adjust her insulin accordingly ourselves. (I’m an lpn).   Its also not expensive to have a diabetic cat either.

For a box of 100 needles cost $13 at Walmart pharmacy and the insulin is $40 but that would almost get us through a year.  I hate when I hear someone killed their cat because they thought the treatment was to expensive.

Once you get into the swing of things and get them regulated its not difficult!”

Now, I don’t know if Felicia also changed her cat’s diet. But changing diet is extremely important and can lead to remission and sometimes a complete cure. This means that the need for insulin can gradually reduce thereby reducing costs even more.

Remember home testing is necessary please check out all the animal charities and shelters before you make the decision to put your cat down as they may be able to help with costs or may even be able to re-home the cat.

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  1. julie says:

    Just learned that my cat has diabetes 3 weeks ago, was showed how to give her insulin shots, had to purchase Caninsulin Syringes .5cc(5ml) 100 cost $48.30 and 1 Caninsulin 10ml cost $58.10, now I would like to know how I can get these Meds cheaper, 100 syringes will be for 50 days as I give her shots twice a day, you say 100 needles would do you for a year, don’t think you can use a needle more then once. 1 year at 365 days would need 730 syringes, (2 per day) Does Walmart pharmacy have meds for cats?

  2. Tiffany says:

    Well that seems inexpensive. I have a diabetic cat and she is on novalin which was less expensive than the other option and it costs over $100 per bottle but does last at least 3 months. Just be very careful to ensure you put it back in the fridge after each use or you’ll have to buy another bottle.

    I just got home from another appt. for her and it was over $400. They always want to run more tests and there is always problems. Perscription food is $51 per bag and it doesn’t last that long as it is smaller than most cat food bags. I’ve spent several thousand at this point and she hasn’t had diabetes that long. She is only 9 1/2.

    I can’t afford my own medical care honestly this is too much. I love my cat very much but I can’t afford this for too much longer.

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