Treating A Cat With Feline Diabetes Is Easy


It can be really overwhelming to learn that your cat has feline diabetes but treating a cat with feline diabetes is easy and isn’t that hard at all.

You will need to learn how to test your cats blood sugar level at home and also how to administer the insulin shots.

Another important part of diabetic cat treatment is diet. A low carbohydrate, high protein diet is best. But be careful of what your vet recommends as conventional medicine still does not tend to put too much emphasis on diet.

I firmly believe that poor diet and lack of exercise is the cause of feline diabetes and to reverse it you need to change diet to one that is as natural as possible and let your cat roam about more.


Treating A Cat With Feline Diabetes Is Easy


“It may seem overwhelming to have your cat diagnosed with diabetes, but treating them isn’t that hard. Some cats even look forward to their insulin!”

“good luck – for Zucca she actually looks forward to the insulin! The only caution in our approach is that giving the insulin first you want to make sure that they do eat – never a problem with Zucca-and since she has to jump up to get the insulin, if she won’t jump up, we make sure she is feeling ok and see if she will eat a little before we go through the routine.”

“Wow – you make it look so easy!! Thanks for posting….I may have to start doing this to my kitty soon, just waiting for the test results to come back ”

“Thanks for posting this. My cat has diabetes and has been having insulin injections twice a day since October 2010. At first was really daunting but now have a routine.”

As borne out by the comments above.  Even though you may be overwhelmed at first, once you get into the swing of things, treating a cat with feline diabetes is easy and becomes routine and quite straightforward.

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