How to Give Pills to a Cat : Treat Diabetes in Cats


Hi! I am Dr. Adrienne Mulligan and I am theowner of Camp Verde Veterinary Clinic andI am here today on behalf of expertvillage. comto talk to you about cat first aid and administrationof medications. Another older age kitty diseaseand obesity like this cat here is one of themajor reasons the cats end up getting diabetes. So weight loss would be a really good thingfor a cat like this. Diabetes is usually incats over five years of age and it is associatedwith obesity and so keeping your cats trimcan prevent this disease in a lot of cats. So when we treat diabetes, the main thingthat they usually need is insulin injectionsand just like people we use small insulinsyringes with small insulin needles and basedon some tests that we do we then direct youhow to give your kitty insulin on a dailybasis, usually twice a day and it really involvesa pretty easy little injection like that. That is not as painful as she acted. She isjust a little grouchy. This is our grouchyhome cat, so… and there is also a specialdiet that a cat with diabetes needs but basicallyinsulin in diet is how we control that.

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