Diabetes Mellitus In Cats and Natural Solutions


G’day Madeline innocent here. Diabetesmellitus in cats or diabetes in cats asit is more commonly referred to, is agrowing problem. Just as with everyfeline disease, diabetes is becoming moreand more prevalent. There’s no veterinary cure in sight. Thisis curious when you consider all thebillions spent on veterinary researchover the recent years. Is this researchyielding anything?Could it be going in the wrong direction?I believe it is. Research is veryexpensive and the only bodies that havethe resources to finance such expensivework are the drug companies. Obviously theyonly want one outcome – to sell more drugs. Now if you go in a completely differentdirection you can get amazing results. But this direction is financial suicideto the big corporations. Wonderful foryou and your cat though. Let’s look atwhat this is. The epigenetic principleconsiders all health problems to becaused by the environment as about 80% with a genetic cause rated muchlower at about 20%. The aspects ofthe environment, that 80%includes factors such as diet, toxinoverload, stress and past injuries thathave left a mark. The minor aspect of thegenetic inheritance at 20% maygive a predisposition to a particularailment but that can easily be keptat a dormant or latest or latent stage withgood husbandry. Diabetes mellitus in catsis entirely a man-made problem. The dietmost people feed their cats is totallyinappropriate for them and it’s thecause of many serious diseases. There’sno way around this. Put the wrong fuel inyour car and it won’t work. That’s wherethe expression” the West has never beenso well fed and so poorly nourished”comes from. You get an identical reactionin cats and everybody else, but the timefactor is a good bit longer than a caras every living being has the innateability to try to remain healthy. So itnormally takes years to develop to aserious condition, although it’s nowoccurring at younger and youngerages. Add toxins to this low-qualitynutritional diet and you get a very sickcat. Where do the toxins come from, you mayask? Now they’re everywhere but thereally serious ones are those found infood andveterinary drugs. Drugs are all chemicalsdesigned to suppress the cat’s naturalsymptoms. As a holistic healthpractitioner I see great results. I’mtalking here about total reversal of theproblem when people fully engage withthe process of feeding according to thespecies and are committed to an aholistic health care system such ashomeopathy. Diabetes mellitus in cats canbe fully reversed but this dependsentirely on how committed you are. Formore information go to www. NaturalCatHealth. com/diabetes

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