How to Make a Cat and Partner Live Happily Together


How to Make a Cat and Partner Live Happily Together


Many cat owners sooner or later can find themselves in a situation where have to choose between their new partner and their precious pet. If introducing a new partner go wrong and miss some important steps, it can easily turn into a nightmare, hard to resolve. Naturally, we want both of them make happy and help them feel comfortable with each other, but in reality it can be a long and heavy process. The first common mistake is trying hard and expecting results too fast. If we expect to connect them at once and at all costs, we will put too much pressure on both. Unfortunately, pressure and the rush can produce a completely unwanted situation, where the two hate each other. From that point, any attempt to make their relationship work can seem impossible. In order to avoid such scenario, the article “The 9 Rules for Moving Your Cat in With Your Boyfriend” gives us some advices on how to make our cat and new partner live happily together.

How to Make a Cat and Partner Live Happily Together

Step 1: Lose the “I’m not a cat person” mentality.
Step 2: Establish pre-move bond between the cat and boyfriend. So, have the boyfriend feed or play with the cat from time to time in her old home, for example.
Step 3: Assess your cat’s personality.
Step 4: Bundle your cat’s “signposts,” i.e. things heavy with their scent that they’ll identify from the old space.
Step 5: Once you move, establish a base camp for your cat.
Step 6: Initiate cat/boyfriend bonding phase at base camp.
Step 7: With boyfriend’s help, begin slowly exposing the cat to the new space.
Step 8: Commence cat co-parenting.
Step 9: Try not to shut the cat out of the bedroom just because the boyfriend isn’t used to sleeping with the cat.

We all know that cats are primarily territorial animals. They can feel threatened when a new person moves in, but even much worse if they have to abandon their familiar territory. Patience and support given from our partner can be crucial in this phase. Her/his acceptance that we have special and significant bond with the cat can considerably facilitate the whole process of adjustment. Even if she/he is not a cat person, her/his allowance and openness to learning something new can make a huge shift in their relationship. As we all know, cats instinctively recognize other people’s hidden emotions and will react very well on partner’s willingness to give it a try. Without it, we as owners cannot do much.

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