How to Make a Safe Environment for Cats


How to Make a Safe Environment for Cats


Making a home safe place for a cat is especially important when the cat is still a young kitten. However, statistics have shown that cats frequently suffer from consequences of hidden dangers in the home. Some cats may survive the fall from the open window, but others may not. Some cats can survive swallowing strings, needles, or similar tiny objects, but others cannot. For these reasons, it is crucial to make our homes safe environment for our cats. According to veterinarians, many cats have experienced the fall from the height, because of their susceptibility to a so-called high-rise syndrome that causes them to think they can fly. In these situations, their judgment is usually distorted by a bird or some other animal that cause the cat to jump, not properly estimated the actual height. To make a safe environment for cats, the article “How to Create a Safe Home for Your Cat” gives us some ideas on how to prevent them from potential injuries.

How to Make a Safe Environment for Cats

• Many cats and kittens (especially when they are teething) find electrical cords, computer cables and phone lines to be particularly good for chewing. Unplug
cords when they are not being used. If this is not possible, make sure they are well-protected or unreachable for your cat.

• Don’t allow your cat to play with ribbons, yarn and strings when you cannot supervise the game.

• Most cats go crazy about holiday decorations, Christmas tree tinsel, plastic bags and wrappings. These “toys” can pose a chocking hazard, so do not allow
furry companion to play with them.

• Make sure your cat has no access to human food. Many types of human food can be dangerous to cats.

• Keep medications and house chemicals out of your cat’s reach. Do not clean floors with cleaners containing pine oils or phenol. Keep antifreeze away from cats.

To apply these tips, we need to build new habits and observe our place from the cat’s perspective. Veterinarians recommend checking regularly our windows, especially the upstairs ones. The upstairs windows should be closed or narrowly open, not allowing the cat to squeeze. Regular vacuuming will maintain floors clear of tiny objects that are potentially harmful and may lead to choking in cats. After sewing, knitting, or crocheting, it is highly advisable to pack all the tools, needles, and yarns in a safe place, out of the cat’s reach. Chocolate and other candies are toxic for cats and should be kept far away from their sight. Houseplants require careful selection before they reach home. There are many toxic houseplants that can cause the cat a lot of troubles. Careful investigation is crucial and will contribute to our efforts to make a safe environment for cats.

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