How to Determine Cat’s Personality Type


How to Determine Cat’s Personality Type


When we decide to adopt a cat, it is essential to be aware of personality match between the cat and us. Or, if we want to choose an ideal cat for our child, the personalities of the cat and the child should fit well together. There are many attempts to categorize cats by their personalities, but there is no evidence that has approved a single method of categorization that can help us distinguish different types of cat’s personalities. However, some cat owners come to interesting conclusions about cat’s personalities, partly because of their enormous love for cats and partly because of the fun. Through their experience with cats, they have developed a theory that there are three types of cats: alpha, beta, and gamma. According to these inventive cat owners, we should get to know the specifics of each of these categories and then consider whether the cat is the right choice for us, or for our child. To find out more about cat’s personalities, the article “Cat Types” gives us a short description of the each feline type.

How to Determine Cat’s Personality Type

Alpha Cat Type

These are cats who feel confident about changing their own environment.

Training them consists mainly of outwitting them. These are the cats who have to have everything be “their own idea.”

Beta Cat Type

These are cats who feel confident about getting us to change the environment.

Training them consists of fostering communication and negotiation. Beta cats are glad to cooperate, once they know what it is we want.

Gamma Cat Type

These are cats who don’t know the environment can be changed.

Training them consists of anticipating their needs and letting them know how much we care. These cats hate to be a bother.

However, many feline experts do not agree with this theory since there is no such thing as a hierarchy in the world of cats and thereby alpha, beta, or gamma type of cat could not exist. Cats are solitary animals, and unlike dogs, they do not live in packs. They like autonomy. Even though the theory of alpha, beta, and gamma cats is still debatable, many cat owners who have two or more cats agree with that. They have noticed differences between their types and know that the piece is guaranteed if only they all have their own space and exclusive right to their territory. To help them live in harmony, cat owners contrive a plan to secure their territories not to overlap. They know for sure that the most aggressive and dominant cat will get access to the highest place in the room, the more calm cat will get the middle while the timid one will get the bottom territory. Whatever categorization, we believe in, it is essential to observe carefully the personality of our future pet and try to make the best possible choice to ensure harmony between our feline friend and us.

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