How to Prep RAW CAT FOOD


you are just being so cute for the
camera right now what a show-offhello guys and welcome back to my
Channel today I am going to be doingsome meal prep for Zeus I’m going to be
preparing all his food for the next weekto two weeks we’ll see how long it lasts
so this week Zeus is going to be 13weeks old he has been eating a raw food
diet since I’ve got him and he’s doingreally well if I do say so myself he has
lots of energy well he’s either sleepingor running around like a crazy cat
anyways so the plan for today I haven’tbeen following a really strict recipe
would have been preparing his food I tryto follow the rule of 80/10/10 so 80% of
his food is muscle meat 10% is bones and10% is organs with 5% of that being
liver and I talked about why I havechosen to feed him this way in a
previous video so I’ll link that upabove if you want to check it out but
basically this is what cats should beeating they do not require carbohydrates
and most generic cat foods are filledwith carbs but that’s the short answer
so check that video out after this onebut anyways let’s get into it
okay so here is what I’m going to beprepping for Zeus today the first thing
we have is these chicken necks what I’mgoing to do with these is half of them I
am just going to cut up into smallerpieces what happens is he tries to get
the meat off the bones and it’s reallygood for their teeth the other half I am
goinggrind up the meat and the bones together
and that is going to be his source ofbones in his diet then I have some
chicken giblets so just gonna chop theseup into a little bit smaller pieces I
don’t really want to grind anything uptoo much I want him to have to chew to
eat it then I have some chicken liversso again just gonna cut those up with
the smaller pieces and then I just havesome diced lamb so as you can see this
was on special that’s why I grabbed itbut really any type of meat diced or not
will do so yeah as you can see this is$4 I’m only going to give him a small
fraction of this and then freeze therest separately and use that later this
was $6 this was 350 and this was $9 so$20 in total for everything I’m gonna
prep this will probably last about tendays to two weeks depending so the one
thing I’m going to mention is that Ihaven’t found a type of heart that Zeus
will eat fresh I’ve given him beef heartlamb heart chicken heart and he hasn’t
been keen on any of it so what I’ve beendoing is when I serve his food sometimes
I add this heart powder and this is justfreeze-dried beef heart the other thing
I might add when I serve it is eithersome of these dried sardines for else
I’ll give him one of these capsules notthe whole thing I’ll just poke a hole in
it or cut it in half and give himbetween a quarter to a half of a whole
capsule and that’s his source of omega-3is one of these and yeah let’s get
prepping so I have a whole bunch oflittle containers we’re gonna start with
the easy part which is just choppingeverything up and that’ll show you what
I do with the chicken necks afterwardsand I don’t want to cut everything up
into pieces that are too small I wanthim to sort of have to chew on it chew
through it sort of work to eat it andthis will help keep his teeth nice and
strong right from the start and he lovedthese chicken giblets he loves chicken
in general actually the chicken necks sothese obviously have bones in them
they’re chicken necks but they also havemuscle meat on them so what I’m going to
do with some of them is cut them up intopieces like this and then again good for
his teeth he just has to chew and try toget the meat off of them so I’ll put
like one or two of those in for each dayI’m gonna try to break them down and
then I’ll put them in my blender so Iwill blend up the meat with the bones
and then that’s his source of bones thathe’s gonna get and there you have it
this is this is food for the next weekto ten days probably so what I do is I’m
gonna put all of these in the freezerand each night I will take one out and
that will be his food for the next day Igive him about a quarter of it first
thing in the morning and he usually eatsthat right away and I pretty much just
keep refilling his bowl as it empties Idon’t let anything sit out for more than
a couple hours I get rid of it if it isstill sitting out but yeah I pretty much
just let him keep eating and keep eatinghe is a growing kitten so he needs a lot
of food like I said before each day Iwill add a quarter to a half of a fish
oil capsule as well as some beef heartpowder but I mean I think it’s a lot
about experimenting and seeing what yourcat will eat
the next batch of food I make I’m goingto completely switch things up get
different types of meat different bonesdifferent organs different everything
and that’s it guys so that literallytook 30 minutes probably cost me at 20
buckswhich actually might seem a little bit
expensive but you have to keep in mind Ididn’t use all of those chicken necks I
didn’t use all of the chicken liverprobably cost about let’s say $7 a week
but yeah really no time at all supereasy and my kitty it will stay super
healthy so thank you so much guys forwatching give this video a thumbs up if
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again I’ll see you guys next timebyeyouyes

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