How to Prevent Heat Stroke in Cats


How to Prevent Heat Stroke in Cats


Cats have little bodies with a relatively large body surface that make them highly prone to heat stroke. Therefore, the summer heats expose cats to high risk of overheating. That is why we, as responsible owners, have to be aware and never let the cat alone in a car or a hot room. Spending a relatively short period in a poorly ventilated space on a hot summer’s day can lead to heat stroke in cats and even death. If we travel with the cat for summer vacation, it is wise to check air conditioning in our car, put some ice wrapped in a towel into a carrier, and take fresh water with us. It is worth mentioning, not to allow the cat to stay alone in the car when we make a break during our journey. But, if we can leave the cat to someone reliable when we are on vacation, it is better to let the cat stay home rather than expose it to a higher risk of overheating. To recognize heat stroke in cats, the article “Heat Stroke in Cats – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment” gives us the following list of symptoms.

How to Prevent Heat Stroke in Cats

• Rapid panting
• Bright red tongue
• Dark red gums or pale gums
• Salivating (drooling)
• Weakness
• Anxiety
• Dizziness
• Muscle tremors
• Lethargy
• Capillary refill time of less than 1 second
• Vomiting (possibly with blood)
• Diarrhea (possibly with blood)
• Bleeding from the nose (this is indicative of disseminated intravascular coagulopathy [DIC]), which is a condition in which the blood clotting system fails.
• Coma

If we notice any of these symptoms, we should react immediately. Heat stroke can be very dangerous for our little pet. However, if we cannot avoid travelling by car with the cat during the summer, we should provide us with phone numbers of the closest veterinary stations. If the cat shows the signs of a mild heat stroke, we can help her/him by bringing her/him into ventilated space and try giving her/him fresh, but not cold, water. According to veterinarians, we should not give water to the unconscious cat. In that case, the best we can do is to act fast and take the cat to a vet as soon as possible.

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