What Can We Learn from Cats?


What Can We Learn from Cats?


Cat owners are fascinated with cats’ dignity, independence, and ability to do only what they choose to do. For many owners, these traits evoke deep respect and admiration. Maybe they gave preference to cats before dogs and other pets just because they need to learn those very things. According to many cat owners, cats are great teachers. They teach people how to be cool and relaxed. Laziness and relaxed look are the cats‘ trademark. They possess natural grace and calmness. Cats are also fascinating their owners by their directness. If they want a meal or cuddling session, they want it now, and will not hesitate to raise their voices to ask for. Cats, as well as the other animals, have a natural ability to respect and enjoy life. They have the great sense of curiosity; they like to explore and push the limits. To find out more about useful lessons we can learn from cats, the article “Seven Things Your Cat Can Teach You About Happiness” lists the most interesting ones.

What Can We Learn from Cats?

Learn to Play. Cats, no matter what their age, are never embarrassed to let their kittenish side show. They’ll chase a butterfly or roll in the grass in the sunshine just because its spring– you should, too!

Live in the moment. Cats know how to live in the moment. If there is a ray of sunshine, a cat will stretch out in it, enjoying each warm sunbeam. If there’s a soft pile of laundry warm from the dryer, cats will lie down in it.

Don’t hold a grudge. If you push your cat off your lap or your keyboard because you are busy, he will just find another spot near you to settle down. If you wake him up from his nap, he will not be grumpy.Cats know who their friends are and will forgive them for being rude or inconsiderate.

Take plenty of naps. Cats know that naps are good for you. You might have to go out hunting late at night or get up early to see the sunrise, so it’s a good idea to take a power nap now and then.

Eat well. A cat can usually get a good meal by making a lot of pathetic sounds around your loved one and looking starved. But cats don’t depend wholly on others for their food. If all else fails, they get take out.

Listen to your stomach. Cats are usually thought of as finiky eaters, and will often reject food that humans consider choice tidbits. If cats do accidentally eat something disagreeable, they know enough to cough it up as soon as possible on a nice soft rug or bed.

Be Kind to Your Friends. Cats reward their furry friends with a quick rub or by washing their faces. Cats show their love for humans by rubbing against their ankles, jumping onto their computer keyboards or curling up and purring in their laps.

One of the rare traits cats have is purring. Purring is such a great way to show contentment and pleasure. This language every owner recognizes and loves. Often, purring helps owners to calm down and relax. Cats also know how to avoid what they do not like. They do not scream or make drama; they simply refuse to do what is expected. Although they are solitary animals, they are also deeply social with their human family. The combination of the two is completely irresistible for their owners. Cats somehow link their clear need for independence and solitary life by being a part of a family, developing a strong bond with its members. All those traits are not only the great lessons to learn, they are also the biggest reasons why people love and adore cats.

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