How to Tell If a Cat Is Really Happy


How to Tell If a Cat Is Really Happy


As cat owners, we all indubitably love our cats. We are doing our best to make them content and happy. But, how to know whether a cat is really happy? Are there the signs that can claim it for sure? Maybe we have already learnt that cat’s purring is not always the sign of content. Many cats can use purring as the self-soothing technique when feeling ill or in pain. Hence, we need to understand what set of body language and behavior cats use when they are happy. According to feline experts, content cats are self-confident and recognizable by entering the room with their upright tail with a little curve on its top. This body language usually describes the cheerful cat who do not hesitate to say hello to people present in a room and takes care if everything is under control. The happy cat is always playful. Even though it is not the little kitten anymore, a cat does not lose the ability to play by aging, as it never loses affinity toward hunting. Play and hunt in the cat’s world go together. And if the cat is playful and frisky, then everything is fine. To find out more about the signs that can tell us if a cat is really happy, the article “Signs That a Cat Is Happy” offers us the following description.

How to Tell If a Cat Is Really Happy

Cats often hold their heads high to show they’re feeling confident. And if your cat’s head is pointed forward, they’re eager to greet you. This is a non-vocal way to say hello, and it’s often an invitation for you to extend your hand for a friendly sniff. They might rub their head on your hand to let you know they are pleased to see you. Whiskers help cats navigate – even in the dark! – and they also contribute to a cat’s overall body language. Whiskers that are pointed slightly forward indicate that a cat is feeling happy and interested. And whiskers that point slightly to the side let you know a cat is relaxed and happy. If your cat is super content, they might even stick their tongue out a little. This is a truly happy cat.

The happy cat often looks very good. Its fur shines and has very dense hair, according to a particular breed. These cats spend a large amount of time by grooming and licking themselves. Cats who feel good also lick their owners. Not only they show affection for their owners, but also send a message that they are content and happy cats. Happy cats are always in a good mood for talk. They are vocal, cheerful, and relaxed. These cats are eager to a long conversation, and their voices are usually higher pitched. They like to be curled in the lap and being cuddled. Appetite and sleep patterns are not the issues for the happy cats. For lucky owners, who know how to make their adorable pets happy, there are not better prize than their warm and joyful relationship with these beautiful animals.

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