How to Recognize the Symptoms of Stress in Cats?


How to Recognize the Symptoms of Stress in Cats?


Many of us tend to think that being under stress is a condition that can be applied only to humans and animals cannot suffer from stress. However, feline experts and behaviorists warn us that cats and other animals could be under stress. According to them, cats who experienced a long-term stress can develop bad behavior and even a chronic disease. Therefore, it is very important to look cat’s surrounding from the cat’s perspective to become familiar with its world. The goal is to determine whether the cat feels insecure and what are the threats that make it feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, a cat can feel unsafe if its routine is spoiled. Cats are habitual creatures that like routine and schedule. When we make changes in its diet, environment or some other important area of life, they can feel unusually disturbed. Even though we can be tempted to think that it is ridiculous for a cat to feel stressed, we should keep track of its behavior when we notice certain irregularities in cat’s habits. To recognize the symptoms of stress in cats easier, the article “Is YOUR Cat Stressed Out? Study Reveals How to Spot Whether Your Pet Is Unhappy… And to Get Them Purring Again” gives us the list of the common symptoms.

How to Recognize the Symptoms of Stress in Cats?


There are many reasons why cats feel stressed. The presence of a stray cat in the immediate environment, a recent move from one place to another, the arrival of a new pet or a family member, changes in our daily schedule, etc., can seriously disturb the cat. For that reason, feline experts advise us to give it a try and perceive the current situation from the cat’s perspective, if we notice the symptoms of stress. When exposed to prolonged stressed, many cats begin changing their behavior gradually until we accept the new behavior or habit as something normal. However, it is very easy to overlook the symptoms of prolonged stress in cats. Even though we cannot prevent the cat to feel stressed from time to time, we can do a lot by noticing the small things that disturb our pampered pet and act accordingly.

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