How to tell if your Cat is sick and in pain | Cat sickness sign & symptoms | Common diseases in Cats


Assalam o Alaikum my name is Saad and I hope you all are fineIn today’s video I will discuss about some symptoms by which you will know that your cat has some problemOr cat is showing these signs because of this problem like if she is ill or she has any viral disease so what are the symptomsIn this video I will explain in simple words that are easy to understandWatch this video till end it will be very helpfuland subscribe to my channel and click on bell iconwe are making videos for your catsSo please support and like this video lets move towards our video First of all I want to tell that if your cat is vomiting or have diarrhea that doesn’t mean she has a very big problemFirstly i am telling you things that are normal and there is no need to create panic in thatIf your cat is vomiting and it contains hairballs or if she vomits once or two times in a month but she is eating normally so she is fine cat normally does thatAnd if your cat has diarrhea reason behind it can be if you have changed her diet or if you have over fed so because of such reasonsShe is having diarrhea but if she is eating normally there is no another problemNow if we talk about serious problem some people thinks that if your cat has diarrhea or fever so it is a normal problemSo it is not like that usually because of some big problem cat suffers these kind of small problemsIf we talk about some dangerous diseases they are viral diseasesIn viral infections most common is calci virus which is mostly found in kittens and in cats less than 1 year old If we talk about symptoms there are blisters on tongue , cats stop eating , stain coming out of ears and then vomiting and diarrhea. These are some symptoms of calci virusBut if cat start having blood in vomiting or in loose motion and there is a lot of discharge from eyes and ears then these symptoms are of panleukopeniapanleukopenia is most dangerous disease in cats and I have already told this to many people in my videosIf we talk about kidney liver problem what are symptoms ?Fever in cat, weakness , cats stops eating and cats starts drinking alot of waterThese are some symptoms if cat has kidney liver problemOther than that cat has urinary tract infection or there is blood in urine and color of urine is too yellowWhen male cat has this problem he starts speaking alot and and stop using litter box goes in deep stress and also stops eatingthese are symptoms of urinary tract infectionAnd in last if we talk about if your cat doesn’t have diarrhea or vomiting but she stops eating then probably she has stressReason behind that may be if you gave your cat to someone for mating then it can be a reason for stress If you have change your cat place and there are other factors like this which are the reason for cat stressIf your cat stops eating or start eating less then then my suggestion is you must go to the vet as soon as possibleIt can kil* your cat alsoSo I hope you like this video and please subscribe to my channel and show some support

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