– Hey guys, how’s it hanging?Today is a very exciting daybecause I’m going to
be giving my cat, Moo,her very fast bath. Moo is about one year old. One years old, she’s one year old. Moo is one year old. Why does that sound weird?Moo is one years old,
but it’s just one year,so you don’t need to put
the S, it’s not plural. As we all know, cats clean themselves,but, for some reason,Moo has been looking a little brown latelyand I really like to shove
my face into her body,so really I’m just doing this for myself. She needs to be clean so
that I don’t break outwhen I smash my face into her. Most cats don’t like water,
from my understanding. Moo is very intrigued by water. She loves it, but she has
not yet been submerged in it. I’ve decided to go aheadand take some precautionary measuresbefore giving Moo this bath
because I don’t want to bleed. The first stepis getting Moo out from under my bedwhich she has broken,just clawed her way into all my furnitureso she can hang in whatever
cloth isn’t ripped yet. So, she’s somewhere down there. You see that?It’s destroyed. Come here, baby. Should we give her a treat? Yummy. She’s so cute! This is why she won’t come out from underbecause I’m a manic. Moo, come out from under there. Moo, we’ve got a video to film!You can’t reach your hand out that far. You gotta just get out. Second step, we’re gonna
make Moo really tired. Whoo, baby!Whoa!Are you tired and are
you ready for bath time?Are you ready to be bathed?Oh, she’s so excited for bath time. Woohoo, bath time, yeah!I have to be really sneaky herebecause she will run back under the bed. I’m gonna lock you in the bathroom. I love you, but you’re getting
locked in the bathroom. I’ll be right in. Look, she’s already in
there, she loves it! Okay, I just realized
I should clip her clawsbefore I do this. So, quick session. I also read that you’re
supposed to brush them first. So, I’m just gonna quickly do that. Hello. Whoo, it’s hot in here. She wants out. But it’s bath time. What? Why?I looked up trick on the internetto make this process easier. So, first off, I’m gonna
add this rubber duckyjust ’cause it’s cute. I’m actually going to
put this leash on Mooin hopes that she doesn’t scratch mein trying to get out of the bath. All right, baby. You put the leash on, that’s a good kitty. That’s a good kitty. Oh!Whoo, here we go. You ready?Hey, hey, hey, it’s okay, it’s okay. Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay. No, it’s okay, baby, it’s okay. Look, oh my gosh. This is so much fun!You’ve never been in water before. Oh no.
Nope, nope, nope. No! It’s okay.
It’s okay, baby. Oh no, this is not good. She can’t even get out. Oh my god, oh my god. No, no, no, no. Look, I’m gonna shampoo you. It’s gonna feel so good. Is that shampoo on your belly?She’s gonna kill me. She’s gonna kill me in my sleep tonight. It’s okay, baby.
I know. I know, don’t hurt me. Oh, oh.
I got your paws. Let me get your little butthole. I know, I know, I know, I know. I know, there’s one step left. Oh, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. We’re just gonna wash you off. We’re just gonna wash you off. It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s okay, baby, it’s okay, it’s okay. It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s okay, baby. She does not like this at all. I’m so sorry, baby, I’m so sorry. You need to be dried, I know, I know. I’m gonna dry you, I dry you, I dry you. Oh, I bet that felt so
awful, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, ah, ah, ah, ah.
Was that just awful?Let me clean your little tootsies. I actually can’t believehow cooperative she’s being right now. Good morning, today’s a wonderful day!That’s what I feel like right now. Baby, are you wet and cold?Oh. I know. I’m sorry. You hate me now?Just a little bit. Do you wanna be blow dried?Would that make you feel better? Yeah?Do you guys see what she’s done to me?It’s actually not that bad. All right, come on, baby. Ready? You don’t like it?
And the last step is a reward. I got something that you’re gonna like. Come here, baby. Mm, yummy. Mm, bath time was so worth it. Yes, thank you. Thank you, that would
of gone on the floor. Ew, I got some on my foot!I got some on my foot,
lick it off, lick it off. Moomoo, lick it off. Moo, look. Yay!Thank you guys for watching this video,I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, make sure
you give it a thumbs up. Leave a comment down below
and subscribe, she loves this. I upload videos every Thursdayand I’ll see you guys next Thursday. Bye, bye! Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

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