What Human Food Is Good for Cats?


What Human Food Is Good for Cats?


Cats are carnivores, and they are not fond of human food, except meat. Their natural food in the wild was raw meat, and they are still into it. Meat in every shape and form is a good choice for a cat. The only thing to take care is how to store it properly. Namely, in the wild, cats consume meat immediately after the hunt. Therefore, they eat it fresh. But, today, we need to handle meat properly to avoid food contamination. For that reason, feline experts recommend cooking meat before we give it to a cat. If meat were frozen, then we do not need to cook it. Freezing kills bacteria and prevent spreading further their harmful effects. Cats also like eating fish. Even though this food is highly nutritious for a cat, experts advise us not to base their diet solely on fish. Fish does not contain all nutritious elements necessary for cat’s optimal health and can cause poisoning with Mercury if taken in larger quantities. On the other hand, cats can be tempted to eat human food, especially if their owners convince them. The serious problem appears if that food is onion, garlic, caffeine, or at worst, chocolate. All these foods are extremely toxic to cats. Moreover, eating chocolate can be lethal for our precious furry friends. To learn more about what human food is good for cats, the article “15 Human Foods That Are Safe for Cats” gives us the following list.

What Human Food Is Good for Cats?

• Salmon

• Spinach

• Fish Oils

• Eggs

• Cantaloupe

• Chicken

• Bananas

• Oatmeal

• Pumpkin

• Cheese

• Bread

• Apples

• Blueberries

• Peas

• Turkey

In any case, the golden rule for cat diet is to eat everything in moderation. Diverse types of foods will provide cats with a richness of tastes and the richness of nutrients. Combining different and high-quality foods will ensure healthy and long life for these amazing creatures.

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