Hypoglycemia and feline diabetes


so this is just a quick video to let my
friends knowthat Khan is okay thank you for everyone’smessages of support and
encouragement. He had to go to that last night I found him
yesterday eveningon the floor unresponsive limp not
movingclearly in a state of disorientationand pain. I didn’t know what to do so I just
quickly got on Facebook and message onmy friends who are within atwo kilometre radius. My friend Mondee raced over hereand got me and Khan to the emergency
after hours vetwithin half an hourand she stayed with me there he stayed
overnightand they looked at him it took care of
him andmy friend Mondee once againdrove me down to the vet at 7 a. m. this
morning to pick him up andand without her I don’t know what
I would have done and I’mreally thankful for her help and so is Khanand anyway sowhat it was was his blood sugars went really lowhe had a diet change recently on account
have an infectionand that had affected his and blood sugarebb and flow I suppose for lack of a better and he crashed andhis blood sugar level was so low that it didn’t even register andhe’s he’s fine nowI just have to lower his doses of
insulin and watch his food a bit moreand he’s good. He’s good as new he’sas you can see he’s back to his normalaffectionate self. He’s a good catand nothing worries me more than
whenhe’s in pain or he’s sick and I’m glad he’s
okay and I ambeyond grateful for from all of my
friends who support my journey of cat ownershipEspecially my friend Mondee whoreally delivered yesterday and
today thank you so much

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