How to Keep the Litter Box Clean?


How to Keep the Litter Box Clean?


Cats’ strong sense of smell is very strong and sensitive. They do not eat from smelly bowls and use a dirty litter box. If we want to help a cat develop a good litter box habit, we need to keep it as clean as possible. Even though there are so many things that can cause litter box problems in cats, from medication to behavioral, cleanliness is the best we can do to help a cat use litter on a regular basis. The first thing to reconsider regarding its tidiness is availability. We all have heard that a litter box should be placed in a quiet and peaceful area, but it should also be easily accessible for daily maintenance. If a litter box is far away from our sight, it will be hard to keep it clean. Experienced cat owners suggest having a broom and dustpan in the closeness of the litter box. In this way, it will be easy to sweep litter tracking. Type of litter is also crucial to maintain the litter box fresh and clean. Namely, some cats are picky about the litter and if we struggle with the tidiness of a box because of it, we need to introduce a new type of litter gradually. Experts believe that several weeks are enough for a picky cat to accept new litter. To find out more about how to keep the litter box clean, the article “8 Tips for Keeping a Clean Litter Box” offers us the following advice.

How to Keep the Litter Box Clean?

#1 – Choose a good location

#2 – Choose the right litter

#3 – Keep supplies handy

#4 – Make disposal easy

#5 – Make cleanup easy

#6 – Buy a good litter mat

#7 – Consider a box liner

#8 – Create a routine

However, many owners find it too difficult to remove unpleasant odor from a litter box, even though they keep it clean as best as possible. To do so, we may apply the old trick. A thin layer of baking soda has shown effective when used after litter box cleaning. It has the ability to neutralize odor and cats do not mind it because it does not irritate their sensitive sense of smell.

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