How to Look After A Pregnant Cat


How To Look After A Pregnant Cat

How to look after a pregnant cat

How To Look After A Pregnant Cat

Most people love to keep cats in their house, but only a few know what to do when they have pregnant cats. However, for those who have little or no idea of it, these details will help you a lot.

Typically, 65 days is the period of gestation in cats, but some type might be only some days shorter or longer. Pregnant cats do not really give birth at a permanent time (fixed date).

Note that within this period, she displays some changes in character and appearance. Generally, some will not be active that much and will be violent for safety.

One of the great questions that most cat owners ask is how to look after a pregnant cat? However, owners of the cat that is pregnant have to be alert of what to expect during this period in order to comprehend what your cat is experiencing to know what to do. Nevertheless, at this time owners should make sure that they give proper attention and be very alert.

It will very hard to know the duration of her pregnancy and know the precise time for delivery, just by looking at it as you may not know when the cat actually became pregnant. Though, some physical and behavioral changes plainly indicate at what stage of gestation she is in.

Some vital things you need to know when thinking of how to look after a pregnant cat

  • Seek information/assistance from a veterinarian

Please ensure he/she is very good at the job.  A veterinarian with experience will be able to pulsate or palpitate the stomach and feel the kittens just about 17 – 25 days.

And instead of using some human antiseptics on the cat that might cause damage to the cat or to the unborn kitten. Only use the suggested one by the veterinarian.

Getting help from him/her will help to avoid miscarriage or damage to the unborn kittens.

  • Diet/nutrition

At this time more pregnant cats will not want to eat or just eat small, so it will be good if you feed them a little and a frequent meal, but the food should be balance with quality and not supplements. In case the need for supplements arises only use the veterinarian recommendation.

  • Exercise

Generally, Cats are practically excellent in their athletic, so taking her for exercise would not hurt them even at the stage of pregnancy, but the exercise has to be moderate. It will increase health positively and keep up muscle tone and help to make the birth delivery uncomplicated and safe. Exercise has its own part to play when thinking of how to look after a pregnant cat.

  • A suitable place to sleep

Locate a suitable place for her and also good for you to provide help easily.  Most time your cat will want to be in place that is warm and dark or murky and even a lined cardboard box with paper/newspapers may be very good. You can as well purchase made boxes for this purpose, frequently with a covered and protected electric element or light bulb that will supply some heat.


How to look after a pregnant cat is not that hard as people look it, all you have to do is to be very determined and committed to the information you have received.;-

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