How to Make Moving Easier for Cat?


How to Make Moving Easier for Cat?


Moving to a new house is stressful for everyone – for humans and cats. Because of their territorial nature, cats usually have difficulties when trying to adjust themselves to a new home. Our role as responsible cat owners is to help them to go through this process easily and quickly, maintaining a high level of safety and security. According to feline experts, moving is easier for cats who have already traveled with their owners to different places during the holiday season or vacation. This experience has taught them how to acclimatize to unknown surrounding, travel and change their territory for a while. In this way, they become more flexible than cats who have never left their familiar environment. Cats who have spent some time out their home learn how to bear uncomfortable emotions, feel uncertain and adapt to new circumstances. These cats will pass smoothly through a moving process. In any case, experts suggest planning the movement through at least three stages – packing, moving and settle down. In ‘packing’ period, it is essential to decide which room we will empty at the end. This room should contain all things necessary for cat’s everyday life. Litter box, feeding bowls, perches, bedding, toys, etc., should be placed in that very room. In this way, we will ensure that our cat feels safe during the moving process. Another phase is a day planned for moving. Experts suggest someone close to a cat spend some time with her/him. When we move all the furniture and card boxes to a new place, we can put a cat into a transporter and drive her/him in a room, where a cat will feel safe. To learn more about how to make moving easier for a cat, the article “9 Tips to Make Moving Easier for Your Cat” offers the following tips.

How to Make Moving Easier for Cat?

1. When looking for a place, check it out from a feline point of view

2. Be honest about your cats

3. Update your cats’ tags and microchip information

4. Pack your cats’ stuff last

5. On moving day, put your cats in a safe room

6. In your new home, reverse the process

7. Provide familiar smells

8. Keep to your cats’ routine as much as possible

9. Take it easy on yourself, too

In the end, there is the last phase – a period of settling down. This period is critical because a cat needs our help to adapt easier to new circumstances. After a few days, when a cat feels safe, we can introduce her/him the rest of a new apartment, and after three weeks, we can let her/him outside. If we have moved to a flat in a building, then, it is the right time to convert our outdoor cat into indoor one. To do so, we need several ideas, deep love, and patience.

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