How to Make a Scratching Post for Cats?


How to Make a Scratching Post for Cats?


Cat’s scratching behavior is a natural part of being a cat. They need a proper scratching post, made of the right material and located at the right place, especially if they spend a lot of their time indoors. Cat trees and cat condos can be quite expensive, but they also can be made at home. The most important part of the cat tree or vertical scratching post is a base that needs to be sturdy and stable. If a cat finds it unstable and easy to fall, she will avoid it completely. For cats’ affinity to stretch a whole body while scratching, the vertical scratching post should be high at least the size of a cat. For the best results, experts recommend using the size from the cat’s ears to the top of her tail. We can use old furniture and old carpets to make cheap scratching post or cat tree. Moreover, we can adjust its look to suit well to the specific needs of our cat and fit well with the rest of the furniture. To find out more about how to make a scratching post for cats, the article “How to Build a Cat Scratching Post on a Budget” offers us the following tips.

How to Make a Scratching Post for Cats?

– Secure a 4? x 4? board, at least 3 feet long, to a 2 x 2 square-foot base. The board should be 1 inch thick.

– Wrap the post in carpet, with the back side of the carpet out. Next, cover with fabric. Fabric from that sofa or pillow that Fluffy had the pleasure of
destroying will work for this covering.

– Rub fresh catnip over the fabric. Repeating this step often will keep the post smelling “catnip fresh” continuously.

– Place your finished product near your kitty’s favorite scratching location.

When we have finished scratching post and place it where a cat spends the most of her time, we need to introduce it to her. Cats will not jump on a new scratching post on their own. They need a little encouragement from our side. For that purpose, we can use catnip to attract a cat. Some cats will eagerly jump on the scratching post when playing. We need a little effort to motivate them through play. Using a cat’s favorite toy is a great option. We can also try to imitate scratching with our fingers. Cats are smart animals, and they will not need to much time to understand what to do on the scratching post.

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