Cat Was Lethargic, Miserable And Thirsty


A cat owner came back from holiday and found her cat was lethargic, miserable and thirsty. Ofcourse the cat was rushed to a vet and at first it was thought that it was kidney failure but further tests revealed it was cat diabetes. There then followed the insulin shot regimen and this intially proved to be an ordeal as one of the reasons it was decided to have a cat as a pet was because of the cat’s independence nature.

“Diabetes. When I heard it, I was oddly comforted. Treatable. People live with diabetes. Cats can too, right? Yes but you need to give him shots twice a day and his blood glucose levels need to constantly be monitored and he needs special food that costs $25 for a 6 pound bag.

It turned out to be quite an ordeal. We couldn’t leave town without either training someone to give Keith his shots or putting him up in a cat hotel. Cats were supposed to be easier! THATS THE WHOLE REASON I GOT A CAT. FOR THEIR INDEPENDENT SPIRIT!

There have been some close calls over the years. My fault mostly for failing to buy him his INSANELY expensive food and opting for the cheap stuff because (and you’ll have to excuse me here….animal lovers look away!) he’s a freaking CAT, guys.

Cut to: Today. Our vet here (a cats only vet in Providence called City Kitty which sends us monthly postcards with kittens on the front reminding us what tests Keith is due for. thanks guys!) informs us that Keith has started producing his own insulin! GUYS! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?!?! HE’S GETTING BETTER! this cranky, needy, 8 year old troll of a cat is PRODUCING HIS OWN INSULIN. and if he continues to do so? we could be looking at easing him off his twice daily shots.

Despite my earlier “he’s just a cat” statements, I can’t tell you how much I love this cat. At 4am, I’ll tell you a different story but any other time? He’s my savior, my nurse, my therapist, my pillow, my snuggle buddy and my favorite ping pong ball hoarder on earth. I’m so damn happy right now!”

Yes, it can be difficult to intially cope but after a while the regimen of insulin shots and blood sugar testing becomes routine. Also, as has been demonstrated by this case even though the cat was lethargic, miserable and thirsty, and if nothing had been done the worst was expected, the cat is starting to make a full recovery. Full recoveryis always possible and happens in many cases provided the diet and lifestyle is changed and the diabetes managed with insulin shots

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