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Some experts  now agree that it is possible to prevent cat diabetes. At last the realisation has come about that because after a change of diet, in many cases, cat diabetes reverses, it must therefore be possible to prevent cat diabetes in the first place by feeding the kitten or cat correct food! Hallelujah!!

“Some experts believe that diabetes in cats is a problem that can be avoided completely by feeding kitties the right kind of diet. Since this disease can sometimes be reversed in cats with a change in diet, this proves to be true.

It’s much easier to prevent your pet from becoming a feline diabetic than it is to treat the disease once it’s developed. Start by feeding your feline friend a high-quality canned food. Lots of exercise is essential to burn up extra calories and keep her in top shape. Set aside time for two or three energetic play sessions every day.

Combination of chromium, vitamin E, and selenium have proven benefits against feline diabetes.  Chromium stimulates insulin action. Insulin must initially mingle with chromium in order to effectively release the tissues to glucose and the production of energy.

There are experiments that show that insulin is nearly ineffective devoid of sufficient chromium to create energy. Processed cat dry food is typically deficient in chromium. Studies also reveal that chromium supplementation reduces blood sugar.

Vitamin E and selenium are valuable antioxidants that can help care for the blood vessels and other tissue from accelerated corrosion impairment caused by lofty blood sugar levels. With early detection, your cat may continue to live a normal and otherwise healthy life.

Regular exams should be scheduled to ensure the continued good health of your cat, and your cat will probably need injections of insulin twice a day. This is a simple procedure that your vet can train you how to do.

Once the diabetes is under control, you may be able to reduce the amount of insulin. In the meantime, the best routine to develop is to give the injection to your cat every morning and evening right after its meal.”

Prevention is always better than cure, so to prevent cat diabetes, feed your kitten a diet as close as possible to a diet that it would eat in the wild and give it plenty of exercise. But in the event your cat does get cat diabetes, remember that in many cases it can be cured but it also needs to be managed by regular insulin injections and blood sugar monitoring.

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  1. Julia Inman says:

    I absolutly catagorically DO NOT feed my cats processd food ie so called comercial cat food. They have a diet of 1 day old chicks ( calcium + minerals ) plus muscle meat ie heart, fish, ckicken, turkey, rabbit and hare never pork

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